Question: Could you give us a little background, vital stats, where you were born, a little about your family, that kind of thing?
Will: I was born in Arlington, Virginia. My father was the one of the first Taekwondo Masters to come to the U.S. He opened Martial Art schools all around the
country, and that is how I got involved in the martial arts. I am 5'9", my birthday is March 22nd.

Question: What was your first job? Did you enjoy it?
Will: My first job was Nash Bridges in San Francisco.  It was very exciting for me.  I thought this was the best week of my life (it wasn't), but nevertheless, I
was definitely taken by it.

Question: If you could have three homes ~ anywhere, any kind of home ~ where would they be and what kind would they be? (i.e. villa in Italy, modern
retreat on a private island, castle in Scotland)
Will: If I could have 3 homes anywhere, I would have [fantastic lofts] in New York and San Francisco, and I would also have a beautiful retreat in the
Caribbean somewhere. I never got to travel growing up, but NYC and SF are some of the places I grew up, so these cities are very nostalgic for me.

Question: "I'd like to know general info: where he wants his career to go, if he likes blondes (oops, that slipped out), etc. Does he have any pets? Has he
read the [Witchblade] comic book?"
Will: As far as my career, I definitely have high hopes and trying to break some stereotypes and help create new positive images. Love blondes. No pets. I
have read about the first 15 Witchblades.

Question: What kinds of entertainment do you like (literature, movies, music,) and in what genre's (drama, comedy, rock)? Any favorite titles?
Will: I always have at least 4-5 books going at the same time. I usually stick to biographies. Lately been reading Miles Davis Story. As far as movies go, I
tend to like films that give me a break, where I don't have to think as much, just because so much of the week is about getting ready for auditions, breaking
down scripts, and being really cerebral about the whole entertainment industry.

Question: Do you believe in the supernatural? Not like vampires or an item such as the Witchblade, but UFO's, ghosts, that kind of thing?
Will: Supernatural? I would say I believe more in karma, and the spirit of things, and the harmony of keeping your actions in check.

Question: Do you ever do live theatre? Which format do you prefer ~ stage, television or film?
Will: I have done 2 plays, and one of them was actually with Eric Etebari, here in Los Angeles. I guess in the end I prefer film and television, just because I
am a nervous wreck when I go on stage.

Question: Are you anything like Danny? What do you like best about Danny? What do you least like?
Will: I guess when I look at a role, I first try to look at all the points where the character and myself are alike. Danny and I are alike in many ways...

Question: You work a lot with Yancy; are you friends off-screen? If you are friends with Yancy, or any of your other co-stars, past or present, do you find it
difficult spending so much time together?
Will: Yancy and I are good friends, as also with David, Anthony, and Eric. Yancy does not live in LA, so I don't see her like I see the other guys. However, we
have all become a close family, since living in another country for half of the year with only each other. While having worked on a few other projects, I would
Witchblade has been the most rewarding in terms of the friends who have become family to me.

Question: Besides Witchblade, what is your favorite role to date, and why?
Will: Besides Witchblade, I would say that the movie What's Cooking was something very special to me. It is a very touching movie, and I think it is one of my
favorites because the message of the film.

Question: With your marital arts training, do you ever help out with stunts, choreography of fight scenes, etc?
Will: When it comes to martial arts and fight scenes in Witchblade, hopefully, I will have a chance to do some of that this year.

Question: "I'd like to know if that scene in "Periculum" where Danny is kissing Sara's hand was supposed to be romantic or friendly. We've debated this here
and if he could tell us how he was playing it, I'd love to know."
Will: "Periculum."  Great question regarding me and Sara.  I originally approached Ralph Hemecker [director and writer] and Yancy with some ideas of me
always truly loving Sara, but only through being dead was this clear to himself.  I had choreographed it in my head that I would actually kiss her, but then I
chose not to.  I guess it was less of a romantic thing, but more of truly loving her, as a person very connected to me.

Question: Danny had limited interaction with anyone other than Sara last season. "What was like to only interact with the characters by talking? He couldn't
touch anything or anyone, except for Sara under limited circumstances. That has to be kind of strange." Which character would you like to work with a little
more in the coming season?
Will: Not being able to touch was definitely frustrating to me as an actor, but it also was a great exercise in truly connecting with someone.  As far as
interacting with others, it really doesn't matter, I think just being able to touch anything and talk to people (in scenes) will be cool enough!

Question: "Does he think that Danny would have been better staying dead? I mean, I like Danny, don't get me wrong, I just think that his being Sara's living
conscience gave him a lot of depth."
Will: Do I think Danny should stay dead?  Hmmm...I would like to be alive.

Question: What have you been doing while on break between filming seasons of Witchblade? Is it a silly question to ask if you’d be happy if the show is
given a 22-episode order? Or do you like having a little extra time to do other things?
Will: During the break, I have gotten a chance to enjoy seeing my friends and family again.  I did film an episode of The Agency for CBS, but now I have been
doing some research for Witchblade.  22 episodes would be great, but there are pluses to have some time off.

Question: Is there anyone that you'd particularly like to see on the show as a guest star (i.e. Roger Daltry again, and/or others)?
Will: Roger Daltrey would be nice, but I think we need some great female guest stars this season...that would be a nice addition.

Question: Are there any actors/directors that you’re dying to work with in general?
Will: Denzel Washington.

Question: Would you like to write or direct an episode of Witchblade? Do you want to do any peripheral work in show business, like directing, producing,
Will: As far as writing or directing...not yet.  I am having a great time as an actor right now.  Self-exploration and reflection are great things acting has given

Question: How do you like Toronto?
Will: Toronto is a great place to be.  The only thing is that it is DAMN COLD!

Question: Does TNT forward your fan mail, and is anyone opening it now [there are a lot of rumors that many stars aren’t seeing their fan mail because
no one wants to open it]?
Will: I don't think I have ever gotten a fan letter.  But I think you are right, everyone seems to have that kind of stuff on lock down.

Question: I know you can’t tell us but have to ask – will Danny die again? Any scoops about next season?
Will: Will Danny die again?  I have no idea what is going to happen.  The cast pretty much sees the scripts about a week before shooting, so all of us are
always wondering what is going to happen.

Will: Thank you for supporting Witchblade, it truly makes a difference, especially for a show trying to get off into its second season.
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Main || Will/Danny
Thank you, Will!