These are characters who
have been in three or more
episodes. If a character
beomes a regular, I'll move
them to their own page
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Kim De Lury as Conchobar
Kim is new to the North American audience, as he's an
Australian, whose previous experience seems to have been
mostly on the stages of Australia and northern Europe. He
was in a 1997 production of "The Merry-Go-Round in the
Sea" at the Festival of Perth in Australia, and in a 1998
production of "After Dinner" (set in a 1980's Australian
nightclub) at the Holyrood Tavern Theater in Edinburgh
Scotland. He was also in the Australiam soap opera, All
Saints, and the Australian-Scottish series, Minty.
Nestor Serrano as Captain Bruno Dante
Serrano has been in many films, including Bait, The Insider, Bringing Out The Dead, Daylight,
City Hall, Lethal Weapon 2, Money Pit, Hangin' With The Homeboys, and televsion series'
including JAG, Profiler, New York Undercover, Wiseguy, Law & Order, X-Files, The Commish, St.
Elsewhere, Hunter and Miami Vice. A New Yorker, Serrano was born in 1955.
Kenneth Welsh as Captain Joe Siri
Laila Robins as Dominique Boucher
Laila was born on March 14, 1959 in St. Paul, Minnesota. She's appeared in several television series,
including Law & Order (several times), The Sopranos, The Equalizer, and Third Watch. She's also
appeared in many films, among them Planes, Trains & Automobiles, Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael,
and Live Nude Girls.
Lazar as Lazar
This man is a shadow-figure, seen in almost every episode ~ see the episode guide for
Transcendence for an explanation of who he is. And yes, the character's and actor's names
are the same; his  full name is Lazar Rockwood. He's originally from Sombor, Yugoslavia, and
currently lives in Toronto, Canada. He was in the television series Friday the 13th, Seeing
Things, and Quantum Leap, in the episode when Sam leaped into Lee Harvey Oswald. Lazar
was in the movies Brooklyn Nights, Expect to Die, Tiger Claws II, Memory Run aka Synapse
and Expect No Mercy.
Bill McDonald as Jerry Orlinsky
An FYI for all of you who wrote and ask about the hottie who played Sara's lover, Daniel
Germaine, in the episode Lagrimas; his name is Jeffery Donovan.  I remembered him from
Blair Witch 2, but I'm sure I've seem him in other things as well.