SCIFIWire ~ June 7, 2001

Daltrey Guests On Witchblade

Roger Daltrey, lead singer of The Who, will
guest-star on the fifth episode of TNT's upcoming
supernatural series Witchblade, the Comics
Continuum Web site reported. Daltrey will play
Father Del Toro in the episode Legion, about a
Catholic priest who is brutally murdered by one of
his students.

As a ghost, the priest reveals that he was
murdered to conceal a controversial bargain that
suggests the Nazis and the Vatican were allies
during World War II, and that the Witchblade was
used to seal the deal, the site reported. Legion is
scheduled to air on July 10.
SCIFIWire ~ June 22, 2001

Daltrey Sings Witchblade Praise

Roger Daltrey, lead singer of the legendary rock group The Who and a veteran genre actor, told SCI FI Wire that he
enjoyed his upcoming guest stint on TNT's original series Witchblade. Daltrey will play Father Del Toro, "a priest with
a twist in his tail,"Daltrey said in an interview, referring to the fact that the character harbors a dark secret.

The episode involves the Vatican's alleged alliance with the Nazis during World War II, said Daltrey, whose genre
credits include Tales from the Crypt, Sliders, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and a recurring role
on Highlander. "I can't say much because I don't want to give it all away, but it was good fun,"he said. "It was good
to play a priest with charm."

Besides Witchblade, Daltrey is busy with other genre projects, including the film thriller .com for Murder with
Nastassja Kinski and a segment of VH-1's music-based horror anthology series Strange Frequency. He added that
he'd love to return to Witchblade if the series returns for a second season.

"The character could be reprised,"Daltrey said. "He doesn't get killed off. I'd be interested in doing it again. I enjoyed
the job. They're great people to work with, and [star] Yancy Butler was fantastic. Toronto [where Witchblade films] in
the winter is not much fun. I love Toronto. It's a great place, but they can have their winters. Apart from that, I'd do it