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The Movie:

Mysterious Ways performed by U2 ~opening sequence
Living Dead Girl performed by Rob Zombie ~ when Sara is working out in the gym ~
thanks to Dana,Ali, and Zeppo (Jack) for identifying this song
She Cries Your Name performed by Beth Orton ~ when Sara and Jake are playing pool
~ thanks to Dana for identifying this song
Beautiful performed by Joydrop ~ Playing in the background while Jake is cooking
breakfast and he and Sara discuss Kenneth Irons
~ thanks to Dana for identifying this
Walk forward in your truth. Trust the Witchblade, and
when it guides you? Follow.
~ Elizabeth Bronte to Sara Pezzini in Periculum
Season One:

Episode 1 ~ Parallax
(Can't You)Trip Like I Do performed by Crystal Method ~ the motorcycle scene in the beginning of the episode ~
thanks to Heather and Dana for identifying this song, and to Dana for lyrics
Evening Falls performed by Enya ~ when Joe Siri comes to give Sara the box from her father ~ thanks to Koala for
identifying this song
Delerium performed by Euphoria
Bad Men
performed by Joel Goldsmith
Solsbury Hill performed by Peter Gabriel ~ end of the episode, when Sara is sitting at her kitchen table

Episode 2 ~ Conundrum
Let Me Up performed by Brand New Immortals
performed by Groove Armada
I See You Baby
performed by Groove Armada
performed by Dandy Warhols
There's No Other Way
performed by Blur
Poor Old Joe
performed by Black Toast
Child O' Mine
performed by Roger Daltry

Episode 3 ~ Diplopia
Six Piece Mcrotica performed by Kathie Talbot
Shambala performed by Three Dog Night ~ playing as Sara enters Talismaniac
Spirit In The Sky performed by Norman Greenbaum ~ when Nottingham goes into Talismaniac ~ thanks to Koala
and Ted for identifying this song
Thing performed by Meg Lee Chin
Kitten Moon
performed by Fluke
Only Human
performed by Kathie Talbot
Atom Bomb
performed by Fluke
(Don't Fear) The Reaper performed by Blue Oyster Cult ~ end of ep, while Sara is talking to Dominique's body and
then as she enters her apartment

Episode 4 ~ Sacrifice
Demon Called Deception performed by Grant Lee Buffalo ~ first song in bar
The Legend of Cathain ~ performed by Grant Lee Buffalo ~ initally incomplete song from Conchobar, finished near
end of episode
Green-Eyed Lady performed by Sugarloaf ~ in Talismaniac, when Gabriel is telling Sara about Bronte
Honey Don't Thinkperformed by Grant Lee Buffalo ~ Conchobar serenades Sara at end of episode
Signs performed by Five Man Electrical Band
performed by Kid Gloves
Stuck In This Hell
performed by Black Toast
performed by Fluke

Episode 5 ~ Legion
Undertow performed by Ivy

Episode 6 ~ Maelstrom
Sara performed by Grant-Lee Phillips ~ when Sara finds the sheet music while looking through Conchobar's stuff for
clues, and at end of episode
Reasons performed by Brand New Immortals
Black Friday Rule
performed by Flogging Molly
performed by Lamb
Snake's Pass
performed by A.P.E.

Episode 7 ~ Periculum
Time Has Come Today performed by The Chambers Brothers ~ beginning of the episode
Do You Believe In Magic? performed by The Lovin' Spoonful ~ end of the episode
Somebody Has To Pay performed by Susie van der Meer ~ while Sara is walking to
the club
~ thanks to Zeppo and Dana for identifying this song and to Dana for providing
Keep Hope Alive performed by Crystal Method ~ club scene, when Sara goes after
Jake's informant
~ thanks to Mke, Dana, and Jack (Zeppo) for identifying this song