Official Links:

WarnerBros. Official Witchblade site (production company)
TNT Official Witchblade site (network)

Other fan sites and online clubs/communities: ~ comprehensive fan site
Witchblade of TNT ~ Yahoo club
Mickey's Witchblade page ~ German fanpage, part of a site that's mostly dedicated to Tomb Raider.  Then again, it's in German, so I can't
read it, but the owner wrote me, expressed admiration for this site, and that she'd be including a link to my site there; I checked and it's the
only other linked site.   A reciprocal link seemed the friendly thing to do.  :)

Actor sites:

Yancy Butler, The Unofficial Website ~ updated regularly
Eric Etebari's Official site ~ updated regularly
Official Will Yun Lee Site ~ updated regularly
Nestor Serrano Fan Page ~ updated somewhat regularly

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