DL Tale #3  ~   At the Banquet/Awards on Saturday night, people (including me) were going in and out the lobby
doors all night. At one point, I headed back inside. Just as I was approaching the door, it swung towards me and
Anthony Cistaro walked out. Being ever so polite, Anthony held the door so I could go back to the ballroom. As I
passed through, I just couldn't resist asking, "Been demoted?"

Not two minutes later I had to go back to the lobby (involved chasing after DEHPenguin, but that is another tale). As I
headed out, who should be holding the door but Eric Etebari. He probably thought I smiling "thank you" (which was
partly true!).

Then the very last time I went back in (after the Group Picture was taken), John Hensley held the door open for us all.
As we passed by, I turned to wormie and said, "This hotel has the best doormen."

DL Tale #4  ~  Like Beck mentioned in her Travelogue, I too had a couple of moments where reality and fiction sort of
crossed. One was exactly like she described. During the panels, I had set up camp near the front on the left. (Trying
to get better pictures but you can see how the low light killed me!). I had a chair in front of me to steady the camera
(i.e. use as a tripod). DEHPenguin, wormie and Beck had set up camp in the back right hand corner of the room (DEH
was burning cd's for her gazillion fans!)

I would glance back to them every so often just to touch base. During the Costume Panel with Vicki Graeth and Lisa
Martin, I looked over and a small group of people were milling around near the door. Suddenly I thought "10 points! A
Lazar sighting!!" Then I realized that this wasn't television; he was really in the back of the room. Was sort of

The other time I got a bit mixed up was during the screening of the Season Two Premiere. As Beck said, we
happened to grab a table right next to one with Louis Paquette, Eric Eterbari, Jessie (of EE site fame).

As others have mentioned, we can't give away plot details but it was incredibly absorbing. The show just reached out
from the screen and held you tight the entire time. Maybe that's why I should be forgiven for this next thought. At
one point in the movie, Sara is doing...well, something. All of sudden I think, "OMG! Nottingham is skulking around
that table to spy on her." Then I realized, "No. Eric Etebari is trying to scoot back to his seat without blocking
anyone's view!"

DLTale #5  ~  During the Charity Auction, Eric Etebari took a wild hair (which was not that rare an occurance!) and
struck an "Ian the Servant" pose - head down, feet braced, hands in front clasping an autographed lunch box. I have
a fuzzy picture of this. The crowd cheered appreciatively as everyone saw what he was doing. For the next item,
Anthony Cistaro stood up. I think he was showing off a lunch box too. He cracked everybody up, including EE, by
striking the very same "Ian as Servant" pose! To my lasting regret I didn't get a pix of this :-(

That's all for now!


Tidbits From the Con  ~  Posted [on My Little Site: Witchblade Talk About... message board] Monday, May 27, 2002

>OMG, EE touched you!!!!

Actually pix, he touched everybody. (Hmmmmm, somehow that doesn't sound right....) I mean, he was so accessible
and so very kind to his fans. It blew me away. I know this is repetitive but EVERYONE was this way. Maybe their idea
was to solidify Witchblade's fanbase by throwing one hell of a con. If so, then it succeeded in spades! I went to the
con as one very devoted fan. Now I will crawl through glass for any of them. Whatever they need - a petition, a
letter-writing campaign, a kidney... whatever they need.

>Was Will there? Did you get to touch him?

I know that there is a Danny Ghostie joke here somewhere but can't seem to find it. Anyway, Will was not there; had
scheduling conflicts. BUT, in one of those kind moves I was talking about, during the Charity Auction, EE called Will on
his cell phone. We got to scream "hello" (actually it may have just been screaming). Then Eric held the stage
microphone to the cell phone microphone so Will could tell us hello. Obviously the connection was a bit weak but I
think I heard his voice. (I couldn't make out the words, Maybe the rest of the Gauntlet Gang did!)

Really missed all you guys!


Reported 5/28/02
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