Hi Folks! All I can say is, if I didn't have pictures, I would not believe the weekend we have had!!! I've been to
StarTrek cons, but wasn't sure what to expect here. This convention was beyond my wildest dreams!!!!  OK, this is
my first story entitled “Why I love Jessica best.�

Sunday, May 26, 2002 – Charity Auction

This Tale from the Con has three themes – (1) Why I love Jessica best, (2) How the con bred unconscious familiarity
and (3) I’m an idiot

The last event of the con was a charity auction – 75 items, all signed by cast or crew, proceeds going to charities of
choice. Jeana Davis (the con organizer) was the auctioneer. Anthony Cistaro and Eric Etabari were her lovely
assistants who ‘worked the crowd’ and showed off the merchandise. David Wohl of Top Cow (a real
sweetheart!) also played lovely assistant for some Top Cow comics.

I had chosen the item I wanted – a signed sketch that Ugo Serrano used to redesign the Witchblade Gauntlet after
Periculum. Ugo Serrano, Production Designer and Armorer, chose to support the Sick Children’s Hospital in
Toronto. This particular Serrano sketch was one of the last five items to be auctioned. I was nervous and squirming
the whole time! FINALLY it came up. The initial bid was $20 Canadian but I immediately countered with $100. I
figured this was for charity plus I really really really wanted the drawing.

Anthony Cistaro had been showing off this particular item. When I placed the winning bid, he came over,
congratulated me and handed over the picture. Before he returned to the stage, I asked Anthony if he and Eric would
sign the sketch. (NOTE: To serious collectors, having the actors sign the sketch devalues it. All I can say is their
autographs surely don’t devalue it to me!!) Being an incredibly accommodating guy, Anthony said sure. He took
the sketch to a side table near the stage while I went to the back to pay.

When I returned to the table, Anthony had signed it but Eric had not. I looked over to where Eric was sitting. At just
that moment, he looked in my direction. This is the part about how the con bred unconscious familiarity. Because
these guys had been soooo nice and soooooo accommodating, my subconscious decided it would be OK to simply
gesture towards the table with my head to call him over. And true to form, he stood up and came right over. Looking
back, I cannot believe I acted so precipitously! My only defense is that the entire cast and crew had made each and
every one of us feel entirely at ease.
Anyway, he joined me at the table where I asked if he would sign the drawing. After vigorously shaking his silver
metallic pen, he put his name in the corner opposite of Anthony’s autograph. I said ‘thank you’ and turned
to leave.

Before I could go, he stopped me by tapping my shoulder. Because of the auction, we spoke in whispers. Eric leaned
down and asked what the deal was with my shirt. That morning I had donned the Nottingham Academy shirt that
Jessica had ordered for us last fall. Sheepishly, I told him that we at Karen’s board had founded a school for
assassins. I told him we had T-shirts made, designed a logo and had a website for our institution, complete with
course descriptions. He grinned throughout the explanation.

Then he asked if I had made the shirt. I said that Jessica had ordered the lettering on the front from a company and I
had designed the Black Dragons iron-on logo on the back. At that point, he turned me around by the shoulders to get
a look at the logo. He said something to the effect of ‘that’s really cool.’ I said thanks.

Now this is point in the story where I am an idiot. For some reason, I just stopped talking. Maybe I was brain-dead
from lack of sleep. Maybe I was trying not to monopolize his time. Anyway, I would have left but he kept eye contact.
Then he started to get just a hint of the sad whipped-puppy look. Then it hits me like a bolt from the sky. He wanted
a shirt!! (Sometimes I am too dumb for words!) When I offered to make one for him, Eric smiled ‘yes’ and then
offered to pay for it! I couldn’t believe how unassuming he was. I laughed and said ‘absolutely not,’ that it
would be a pleasure to give him one. He then offered to send us a picture with him wearing it. That offer I gladly

And now you see why I love Jessica the best:-)

Reported by Dragonlady, 5/27/2002
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