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"You wound me, Sara."

"What kind of monster do you think I am?" Sara:"I'm workin' on it..."

"Don't come home without the blade."

"Mightn't this ability help you solve your crimes?" Sara: "Mightn't you tell me where I can
find your boyfriend, Ian Nottingham?"

"Language is a labyrinth. A hall of mirrors we can easily get lost in."

"Magic, alchemy, science, all different names for the same things. Ways to explore the
natural, or rather supernatural, realm."

"To name is to know, to know is to control. Sara."

"Women are more elemental. They are closer to nature. The Witchblade finds them
Sara: "What are you implying?" Irons: "Nothing, I simple stating a fact."

"You are a good servant Ian, but you know not your master."

"Embrace your destiny, Sara."

"It's not true what they say ... a picture's worth a
million words."

"Have you ever eaten monkey's brains?"

"You think you want direct answers to direct questions."

"Don't think I'm the only one after it."

"Hello, boys."

"Ian - watch over her."

"This is a play that must not be allowed to reach its final act.
"But she was a pretender, not a destined wielder and the blade is not kind to
pretenders." Sara: "It's not 'kind' to anyone." Irons: "Reserve that judgment."

"You look somehow underdressed today, Sara. Aren't you missing something?"

"Hmmm ... I offered you the world once ... Travel, refinement, education ...
companionship. You refused me." Sara: "I'll accept it now, if that's what you want." Irons:
"No, Sara ... that's not what I want. What I want ... is the pleasure of rejecting you ... as
you once rejected me."

Well, don't thank me, Detective. When I need a favor in return, I won't hesitate to ask."

"Go to her. She needs you - I don't. Go on. It's what you want anyway."
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"Parallel lines always meet."

"Eleven eleven. Your horoscope says today's a special day."

"Whoa! Somebody's cranky."

"We can touch each other now, Sara, because you're dying, too."
"I got a death threat from someone who doesn't want me talking to you about that." Sara: "Let me guess: Tall, black
hair, black overcoat, lowers the temp in the room about ten degrees?"

"Black Dragons? What, did they name the unit after the guy?"

"Nietsche said the bravest thing a man can do is to gather his loved ones around him and take his own life before
time and disease have a chance to lay him waste. If one cannot live ferociously ... why live? The only real question is
should we wait until life has proven to us how disappointing it is? Or should we cheerfully charge toward whatever
awaits us on the other side of death? Presuming it cannot be worse than this. If one studies the rich and successful
one cannot help recognizing their path leads not to happiness. With apologies to those who will miss me, wouldn't
you rather see me free-falling among the stars than chained to a life which only invokes my disdain, or even worse -
my apathy?"
"Hey you, get back in this bed." Sara: "Ahhhh, Irish foreplay."

"It's rude to interrupt a man when he's talkin' to his wife." Sara: "Wife!?!" Conchobar: "I'm workin on it." Sara:
"You're awful sure of yourself." Conchobar: "You too."

"Quit the force, Sara." Sara: "And become a degenerate like you?" Conchobar: "Mmmm. You
are a degenerate like

"I'm warning you. You're helpless. You're completely under me thrall."
Boucher: "Nothing is ever as it seems."

DelToro: "Proverbs, Chapter 1, Sara. 'The net is spread in vain before the eyes of them that have wings.'"

Gallo:"Wh-What do you mean th-the job wasn't done? *pause* The rifle was up his...? And the top of his head was
blown off?
There is nothing short of a miracle that's gonna save her."

Gallo:"I wished that guy worked for me."

Isaac: "Everyone has a fantasy... what's yours."

Moby:"Without his flame, the dragon is nothing."

Moby:"You have got the wrong dragon."