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organizing all these
"Any day above ground is a special day."

You, I trust."

"So where's your boyfriend?" Irons: "Ian Nottingham
is my employee, though not in that

"Damn, Bruno, are you wetting the bed?"

now you grow scruples?"

"Screw your master!"

"Confusion tolerance, my ass!"

"Hey, pal,
wash your hands!"

"If Satan were alive and well in New York City, what would he use as a taxi?"

"What is it with you and Irons and all this mysterioso crap?" Ian : "Don't...compare me to

"My hand is near my automatic , the safety is off, no jury would convict if I blew your
head off"

"You think he's hot, don't you?" Danny: "Actually I think Ricky Martin's hot."  Sara:"What
about Tommy Lee?" Danny: "Him too... I just don't know..."  Sara: "Ricky Martin, or
Tommy Lee?" Danny: "Jake McCarty?"

"Hey Nottingham?" Ian: "Hey Sara?"  Sara: "Had any dreams lately?"

"Enlighten me, Wise Asian Master."

"Do you flirt with every cop who arrests you?" Conchobar:"Do you flirt with every
suspect?" Sara: "I'm not flirting!" Conchobar: "True enough. It's not really flirting if you
intend on following through. In that case, I'm not flirting either."

"I know you're going to tell me that there's nothing you can tell me, but is there
anything you can tell me?"

"Enlarged reptilian brains."

"Big international mogul like you must have better things to do than to watch my every

"He defined you. He taught you who you were. That you are a very bad, bad little boy."
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"I love you, Sara. In unguarded moments."

"Relax, Sara. I would do anything to please you."

"For the promise of a tryst like this, you could keep me here forever."

"Magnificent, isn't it?"

"I would do anthing to please you, Sara  Sara: Then stop with the creepy vampire thing."

"I can make you pray for difficult."

"I'd like to purchase your head."

"Bloodlust is a powerful thing. Desire for revenge. The desire for control. Can you control that desire? Or is it better
left unleashed?"

"Sara. Start running."

"Fragments of your history, but not the piece you seek."

"Life is borne of pain."

"You're disturbed. You feel you've lost control.  Sara: "Yeah, no kidding."  Ian:  "Don't worry - you never had any to
begin with."

"Believe in the Witchblade, Sara. It believes in you."

"I should watch her closely."

"Fo we want Sara to succeed or do we want Sara to fail?"

"So, I'm not the only one looking out for her. Watch her well."

"I am nothing but what you made me! Now I have the capacity to evolve. It's only because you gave it to me."

"I remember perfectly. I just want you to repeat it. I want to hear the sound of your hollow voice."

"Dueling men resolutely accept their inevitable death."

"If you want to stay close to me, just ask, Sara. We can be inseparable."

"How will you apologize for betraying your partner? For sentencing her to death?" Jake: "You talking about Sara?!"
Ian: "You don't even deserve to say her name."

"My life is yours for the taking."

"Sara ... You wouldn't lift the blade against your own flesh and blood, would you?"
"Are you okay, Sara?" Sara:"I've never been okay."

"What's wrong with him?" Sara:"Got a week?"

"But Pez, you're a guy!"

"Power, masculinity... manure?"

"Where were you on the night in question?" Ian: "Home in my bed. Alone unfortunately." Jake: "At home in bed? At
noon?" Ian: "Yes. Perhaps you'd care to join me tomorrow."

"Hey - can I ask you a question?" Sara: "Can I stop you?"