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Chapter 15 - Revelations

Sara walked casually into Irons’ office holding a small box in one hand and a bag in the other.
Reaching Irons chair she said in a loud bored tone, “I thought you might like these back.�
Holding them out to him Sara waited for him to turn around, when he didn’t she walked
around the desk, and was very amused at what she found. Strolling to where he sat she walked
around his chair until she was behind it. “BOO!�

“No don’t!� Irons practically leapt out of his chair as he was awoken by Sara’s
attempt to scare him.
Whirling around it took him a moment to gain his bearings and in that moment he was left exposed, and to Sara’s trained
eye he bordered a man who was about to be executed and a caged animal. Finally he noticed that she was there “What do you

“My, my sleeping on the job are we?� When he didn’t reply Sara went on. “I came to return these.� Holding out
the box that contained the Vanderbilt jewels and the dress, she waited patiently for him to retrieve them.

“And what exactly do you expect me to do with women’s clothing?� Sara arched one of her brows.

“You tell me. You want to put it in the Witchblade hall? That’s your deal. You want to put on a drag show… I don’t
want to know about it.� Irons scowled at her comments, he was angry but the Witchblade hall was a good suggestion, maybe
he could even get a vision off of it. Reaching out he took the jewels, carefully placing them in his desk drawer.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?� Irons answered without looking up, carefully gauging her reaction.

“No actually, if want to return the dress give it to Ian.â€� He noted that her face held some surprise but mostly blankness. â
€œHe bought it with his own money, apparently. My accountant tells me that the money for it wasn’t drawn from my
account but his.�

Sara stood there for a moment in a stunned silence. Why had Ian spent his own money on her? That didn’t make sense unless
... “Figures though, that he charges the more expensive of the two to my account.� Sara stood very still blocking out
thoughts and theories that weren’t to her liking at all. “You did a good job this morning. There’s more that I need you
to do, but I’ve decided to let you take the paperwork home.� Handing her a briefcase he dismissed her, waving her away.
Luka was once again worried about Callie, she seemed happy to be sure but preoccupied. If he hadn’t known her better he
would’ve thought it was the wedding that was on her mind, but just now he knew better. She was up to something and he
wanted to know what, (here goes nothing) he thought as he slid up besides her. “Hi, can we talk?�

Callie turned to him and smiled, but before she could reply the intercom on his desk buzzed to life.  â€œMr. Giamano, there’s
someone on the phone for you – he says it’s urgent.� Luka sighed and picked up the phone, cursing his bad luck as
Callie slipped silently out of the room.
Sara sipped her potato soup, rolling the kinks out of her neck from hours of paper work, in the background the tape from Luka's
played softly, it was sound activated and stopped three minutes after sound ended. "I guess we both have a lot of explaining to do."
Callie's voice came on to the tape player, and as the conversation progressed Sara became more and more immersed in what
unraveled when it ended, she grabbed the phone and was struck by a vision before she could dial.

<Scenes from the past two days flash before her eyes, she sees Callie speaking to her "So, work aside, how are you liking your new
employer." The scene changes, but again its Callie speaking,  "Can you keep a secret? ... I'm twenty-three and so is he."

"Personally I think you should wear the dove gray and borrow the beige, the white, or the light pink. They complement your
skin tone and height. The black suits do that too but it's what Irons would expect of you, and personally I'd prefer to keep him

"You should have been a beauty advisor or a psychologist, not only do you have what I should wear pegged down, but you have
what Irons would expect and my own preferences pegged as well." Callie's eyes darkened and Sara could see she was disturbed by
this assessment.

"There's a lot about Irons that you wouldn't expect me know, and a lot about me you wouldn't expect him to."

Then today, "My brother will give me away at the wedding, my dear lost brother">

In an instant something she had seen in the files Irons had given her came back to her. Scrambling she grabbed the files and
reread them, in that instant it all fell into place. "Oh my god." Hanging up the phone she grabbed her cover, pulling out her cell
as she headed for her bike, hesitating as to whether or not she'd call.

Chapter 16 - The Eyes of the Cat

The door bell rang loudly and cut the silence in which Luka was lost. Sitting very still he waited for the butler to get it, then
remembered that he’d dismissed the servants for the rest o the day. Slowly he got up and walked downstairs, as if every inch
of his body was in pain. The doorbell rang again, more insistent this time, when he opened it, he was surprised to find not a
person but only a whirlwind of motion push past him. “Where is she?�

It took a moment for him to register that Sara Pezzini had just burst in upon him with a question then another for him to register
what the question had been “Who?� Sara just rolled her eyes “Callie.� As if the word had broken a dam Luka
slammed the door and whirled around to face her. Startled Sara turned her eyes to him and for the first time noticed how
disheveled and frustrated he looked. “She’s gone isn’t she?� Luka nodded, motioning for her to follow him to his

“Her personal things are gone, she left a work summary of projects that’ll need to be picked up and some clothing. Her
apartment is in mostly the same condition. She’s canceled her cell phone and apparently took a borrowed car. There’s no
letter of resignation only a letter asking for an indefinite leave of absence.� Luka sat down heavily leaning forward slightly
with his elbows on his knees. Sara saw that he was frustrated and angry, but somehow she sensed no worry.“Why’d she
go?� Sara had sensed nothing but happiness in Callie when they’d spoken earlier, so her sudden disappearance seemed
rather abrupt. Sluggishly Luka raised his head until he was looking her in the eye.

“Revenge.� The word was softly spoken, but the force behind them was unmistakable.
Kenneth Irons awoke from his nap gasping for breath. For a moment he thought he was still within his nightmare, but the
jarring pain in his arms told him otherwise. “Slept well lately? Checkmate by the way� Irons heard the clink of chess
pieces and the voice that mocked him with some surprise, minutes ago it had been plaguing his dreams. A soft voice, one that
was sweet and feminine, as deceiving as its owner. She laughed, it was a musical sound but a hollow one. He couldn’t see her
from where he hung by his arms, the chains around his wrists made turning or twisting around too painful to consider an
option. Moving his feet he tried to stand on his toes, when he found himself a hairsbreadth from doing so he hissed in frustration.
“Are you trained in torture? You seem fairly apt at it.� Silence was his only answer. Taking a deep breath Irons tried to
hone in his senses and figure out where in blazes she was but before he could do so, he heard a soft humming, as if a lullaby were
being sung. Moving his eyes about franticly, he suddenly registered the song. “No, no, Yian Yian please, just stop it!� as
the volume of his protests grew so did the volume of her singing, a maddening duet that echoed within the empty house.

"Revenge?� Sara suddenly felt all her well thought out theories crumple down around her.

“Correct Sara, she wants revenge against Kenneth.� Whirling around both Luka and Sara were shocked to see Ian
standing in the doorway. Sara took a second to assess that he seemed healthy and unhurt, Luka took one to wonder why he wasnâ
€™t dead.  â€œI presume you already know why.â€�

Sara stood, momentarily at a loss. “No, I don’t. I thought she was one of his pawns. Like you.� Ian glanced up sharply
at the words ‘like you’ but quickly lowered his head again. So ‘she’ didn’t know everything, did the lover?

“Callie is far from being one of Kenneth’s pawns, she is in fact his greatest adversary in more ways then one.� The
three stood still as if in a tableau until a sharp crackling of the fire broke the moment.

“Callie hates Irons, I’ve known that since the day we meet. What I don’t know is why she hates him, she told me it
was family history but never explained it. I presume that if she kept you alive she had a reason. You will tell me what it was.â
€� The two men challenged each other with stares, neither wanted to given, but both realized that their mutual purpose was to
keep Callie alive.

“She kept me alive because she’s my little sister, not literally, she thinks so, but our connection is only genetic.� Sara
and Luka gazed at him in confusion, weren’t the two the same? Seeing that they didn’t understand Ian decided to begin
from the beginning.
The lullaby ended but Irons' protests didn’t, at least not until a cup of cold water was dumped over his head. “Enough. Iâ
€™ve always known you were a weakling, and a sniveling wimp at that. Tell me, how does it feel to be on the begging end of
things?� When he didn’t answer she kept going. “I bet you’ve been rather scatter- brained and weak-minded
lately. I’ll even bet that you’ve had nightmares, hallucinations even. That’s not the Kenneth Irons the world knows â
€“ it’s the one you really are.â€� Within the confines of his minds Irons was willing her to shut up, it was like he was
hallucinating all over again. Her words stirred something in his sluggish foggy mind, and all at once he understood.

“You’ve been drugging me.� The soft innocent giggle sounded again – this time with a hint of madness. He
remembered that giggle and shuddered, remembered the look that had gleamed in this woman’s eyes the last time he’d
seen her, and how little she’d cared when – wait. He remembered killing her so how could she be -?

“You think I’m Yien Yien don’t you? In your pathetic mind, you can’t remember that you killed her. She was just
another face huh? Just another woman that got in your way?� Suddenly Kenneth felt a strong grip on his shoulder and he
could feel breathing by his ear.  Ironically all he could think about was how she must be wearing incredibly high heels to reach
his height. “You made her suffer before she died, made her helpless. I intend to do the same.� She moved away from him
and smiled maliciously behind his back. “You’d like to touch the floor wouldn’t you? Let me see if I can be of assistance.
� Bending down she dislocated his tibia in both legs, then tore a ligament in each ankle. As he screamed she only smiled
pleasantly as if she’d done him a favor. “There, now your feet can reach the ground. You know, it’s amazing what
you can learn studying martial arts.â€�  Something in Irons mind stirred, and broke through the haze of confusion and pain
that surrounded him.

“Oh my god. Callie.�
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