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Les Yeux de la Chat (PG) Page seven
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"Yen -yen?" he asked in disbelief, the words scraping out of his dry parched throat. It couldn't be
possible really, she hadn't aged, and besides, she was dead.

"No Ian, it's me, Lian-Er" His eyes grew wider at that. So she was all grown up, and the living
image of her mother at that. "Here, have a sip of tea." Holding a cup of tea up to his mouth, she
tilted it slightly so that the barest trickle ran down his throat, when she saw he was able to swallow
she gave him more until he'd drained the cup. "Don't talk Ian, it'll just make you dizzy." Tilting her
head she put the teacup back and smiled. "Come on, you probably need to use the bathroom.  I'll
guide you to it, then close the door for ten minutes. Walking is going to be painful, so brace