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Les Yeux de la Chat (PG) Page five
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Sara entered her apartment to find a message on her answering machine from Jake, asking her to come over to his place when
she got a chance. Changing her clothes she then headed for her door, deciding to go to his apartment now, opening the door
however she was greeted by a flash of lightning and a sudden thunderstorm. "Great." She muttered. "Just my luck." Heading
back in, she decided Jake would have to wait until tomorrow.
A woman stood over him, softly humming a lullaby. Whispering Kenneth's wrongs and betrayals at him. Waking with a gasp
Kenneth tried to shake off the nightmare, only it had felt so real tonight. As if she'd actually been here, it wasn't Dominique this
time though... Sighing he called for Ian. When no one responded he got out of bed. After a search of the upper floors he started
getting slightly panicked. An hour later, Kenneth became worried. Ian was nowhere to be found.

Chapter 9 - Friendships Old and New

At four A.M. Sara Pezzini woke up, for once she didn't recall dreaming, looking at the clock she was surprised to see she'd actually
slept five whole hours. Trying to rest once more however, she found that sleep would not come so she got out of bed, changed into
a jogging outfit and went out for a jog in the light drizzle of rain that still fell.
Sitting by the fire he always told his servants to keep burning Kenneth couldn't fathom where Ian had gone - or more accurately
why he'd gone. Irons knew that Ian liked to keep an eye on Sara, but he also knew that Ian usually stayed close by when he
couldn't sleep, especially when it was raining. He had tried calling Ian's cell phone several times only to find that Ian's phone was
not only turned off but in his bedroom. Turning to his chessboard, he noticed that a single piece had been moved. Intrigued, he
moved a piece of his own. Then turned back to staring at the fire.
Luka turned uncomfortably in the guestroom bed; he couldn't understand why Callie was so mad at him. He'd only done what he
thought was necessary to protect her. Groaning he wished he'd never had a latch applied to the inside door leading to his room.
She'd not only locked him out of her rooms, but his as well. The two of them slept at opposite ends of the manor that had been
bought using money from a rather large trust fund of Luka's, left to him by his grandfather. Getting up he stalked to Callie's
room, intending to get an answer out of her, no matter what. Knocking loudly on her door, he woke Callie from a deep dreamless
sleep. Grumbling about the inefficiency of Luka's servants she opened her door to find him standing there. "We need to talk."
Giving him a scathing look she slammed the door in his face, locked it, and headed back to bed.
Sara didn't know how long she'd been jogging, nor did she realize how far she'd gone, her intention had been to keep going until
she was exhausted enough to sleep. This however did not seem to be happening, as Sara was so intent on wearing herself out, and
since it was at four A.M. she didn’t bother to watch where she was going, that is until she ran straight into someone. Looking
up Sara was surprised to find her former partner, who was looking too preoccupied to notice who he'd run into. "Jake, hi! Where
are you headed?"

At the sound of her voice, Jake finally realized whom it was he'd run into and answered in a slightly flustered tone that he was
headed for her apartment. "My place? Jake it's four in the morning." Jake gave her a look, about to comment about how HER
morning visits had him setting his alarm clock for three A.M., when a sneeze caused him to notice that she was soaked through
and through.

"You never returned my phone call. Listen we probably need to talk. Why don't you come to my place since it's closer then yours."
Sarah nodded and followed Jake for two blocks, both quiet until they'd reached Jake's apartment. Borrowing some of his clothes
Sara hopped in the shower then sat down in the living room with a cup of coffee. "So," said Jake as way of breaking the silence, "I
wanted to apologize about -."

Sara rolled her eyes interrupting him by fixing him with a look. "Jake please, you don't have anything to apologize FOR. Besides I
wanted to tell you something... I accepted Irons offer, starting tomorrow I'm Vorschlag's new chief of security." It took a moment
for Jake to comprehend that in the past fourteen hours Pez had not only quit the force but gotten a new job as well.

"Oh...congratulations. When do you start?" Before Sara could answer, her cell phone rang.

"Hold on a sec.... Hello? ... No he's not, why? ... Bye." Hanging up, Sara looked at her phone, digesting the information she'd just
received from Irons. If Ian was missing, he'd probably gone to her place, only she wasn't there. "Look, Jake I should probably go.
A... friend of mine is missing." The word 'friend' was said with some difficulty, but Sara couldn't think of any other way to escape
politely. "I'll return your clothes tomorrow. I'm sorry." Heading to the door, she suddenly found Jake barring her way.

"Like you said it's four in the morning.  Not much you can do at this time of day." Surprised Sara shook her head wondering why
Jake wanted her to stay. "It's raining, why don't you at least stay until it stops. I’ll stick your clothes in the washer, if they
don’t dry by morning you can borrow mine." Seeing that he was determined she gave in, sitting on the couch, she fell asleep
trying to banish a sudden assailment of questions, she'd always thought of Jake as just her partner, but now that they didn't
work together why did he care so much what she did with herself?
Callie sat at one end of the long conference table staring at the two men on the other side, she had been here since ten in the
morning, though it was only an hour ago, it felt like an eternity. Ken and Luka both looked severely sleep deprived, and as a
result neither of them were trying to make this meeting productive. Thinking of Luka's lack of sleep brought a very satisfied grin
to her face, Luka had stayed up the entire night knocking on her bedroom door, at first she had found it irritating, but after she'd
put in her ear plugs it had been a very restful night.

Turning to Sara, who was seated across from her, she found a similar statement on her face. Noticing that she was being looked
at Sara turned to Callie who rolled her eyes and mouthed 'their sleeping in their seats' at her.

Sara nodded, she had come in today at nine AM to find Irons sitting in his office with large, dark circles under his eyes, this had
brought her some amount of pleasure, as had hearing that Ian had not returned. Secretly Sara hopped that Nottingham had
found a way to escape whatever bound him Irons, she also hoped that Irons would lose as much sleep as possible. Shaking her
head at the scene before her, she put a finger to her lips and motioned for Callie to follow her lead. Getting out of her seat as
quickly and quietly as possible she tiptoed to the door and slipped out, a moment later Callie followed suit. "So, do you think they
noticed? Or can they can sleep with his eye's open."

Laughing Callie shrugged, "I don't know - nor do I care for that matter. Want to go get a cup of coffee?"

"Sure, and we can drink it in Irons' office where we can get some work done without waking the two sleeping beauties in there -
although I can't really call Irons a 'beauty' without lying." Sharing a laugh the two made for said office, Sara asking one of the
secretaries to get them lattes on the way there. Irons had given her all of the security codes this morning, which left her
unlimited access through out the building. He had also told her that she was to share his office - done no doubt to keep an eye on
her, but she had every intention of turning things around on him.

The two discussed how they were to keep the new Vorschlag/P.J.A. Project secure from other researchers as they waited for their
drinks, Sara talking from a security system/guard level, and Callie from keeping out spy's and protecting their research. When
their drinks came they were chatting away comfortably, and momentarily forgetting the experience of the previous day Sara
handed Callie a drink. As she took it, both braced for a vision, when none came they were confused. In a second however, Sara
saw what had happened, on both previous occasions their right hands/arms had touched, this time she had handed over the
drink with her left hand - on which there was no Witchblade.

"So, work aside, how are you liking your new employer." Callie drew Sara out of her musings with a question that brought on a

"Can you keep a secret?" Sara decided to be totally honest, she had taken a liking to the young woman, and just now, she needed a
friend - one she could talk to without the complicated issues that always arose with Jake. " How does 'I'm not liking him' sound?
He's an unfeeling control freak, I came in this morning and he told me, TOLD ME that I was going to go out during my lunch
break and buy a few dress suits for work."

"What's wrong with what you're wearing now? You're chief of security after all, you should dress in whatever's convenient."
Callie was a little surprised by the force with which Sara's words came out, but upon noticing that was wearing black
rayon/spandex dress pants and a close fitting button up black shirt with a collar, she saw why the other woman was angry. It
was not business attire to be sure, but hardly casual wear, and from what Callie could see she was dressed in the manner that her
job demanded.

"He said he wanted to present me to the board, that he wanted me to 'look the part'." Rolling her eyes she sighed, then smiling,
added, "He also offered to give me his Ferrari since it would be 'inappropriate' for me to ride my motorcycle everywhere."

Callie laughed, "It's a pity you refused the car. As to the clothes... Well, you're taller then me, but we're roughly the same size and
body type, just borrow one of mine." Sara was surprised that a woman who'd known her for less then forty eight hours would be
so friendly, but then again, it'd been a long time since she'd been friends with someone who wasn't as jaded by the world as she
sometimes felt.

"Thanks, that's really nice of you."

"Think nothing of it, you'll need try a few on though... you want to wait till lunch, or do we go now?" Sara tilted her head, as if

"Now, while the boys have their nap time." Laughing the two got up from where they were seated and headed to where their cars
were parked.
Ian moved groggily in a drug-induced sleep. Idly wondering when the storm had stopped, it was odd really, that he had been able
to hear thunder in this room, there wasn't any windows, but then rooms in Kenneth's house didn't have windows, and he still
heard thunder in those. He had no clear memory of anything, only that he'd been shaken to the point of consciousness by a
woman and propped up against her as she fed him... or was that memory from his childhood. He couldn't be sure of anything,
only that her hair held the scent of apple blossoms, and that her voice was soft as whispering wind.
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The statement was made so softly that Kenneth wasn't sure he'd heard correctly, when he realized
he had, it took all of his self control to keep from jumping for joy. "Excellent. I'm glad I've changed
your mind."

Sara only continued to look out the window. When the limo stopped she spoke again. "If you really
intend to make me chief of security I hope that you'll let me work closely with P.J.A. Tech. I liked
Calliope and Luka."

Pausing for a moment she waited for the door to open, then said, "At least I liked them better then
you." Getting out of the limo before he could reply she shut the door behind her.