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Les Yeux de la Chat (PG) Page two
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Across town Kenneth Irons was fidgeting under the table. Silently he wondered what nutjob
named his daughter 'Calliope DeLancie'; the person had to either be incredibly unimaginative, or
an utter moron. Sighing inwardly, he turned his attention back to the young woman sitting
across from him. She was pretty, and appeared much younger then a woman who was in her late
twenties and from her features she was Asian. For such a young woman she was rather
accomplished. "Please, Ms. DeLancie." He interrupted softly. "I'm fully aware of what P.J.A. Tech is
capable of, and I have reviewed the materials you've given me already. After some thought, and
your most persuasive arguments, I've come to think that this partnership will occur."