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Les Yeux de la Chat (PG)
Kenneth Irons decides to play games with the Witchblade after Sarah Pezzini leaves the NYPD, what he doesn't
know is that he isn't the only one playing games.
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Spoilers: AU branching from episode three

Sequel info: Searching through the Stars

Disclaimer: Witchblade and its characters are the property of TNT and it's affiliates. (I think) Well, whomever they
belong to, they do not belong to me; I claim no ownership of anyone save Callie, Luka, and P.J.A. Tech.

Authors note: This is the complete and (mostly) edited version of Le Yeux de la Chat. Originally this was posted as
sixteen separate chapters. I would like to thank everyone who did review this, you guys are what kept me going I
would also like to ask all readers to please provide feedback.
Chapter 1

Kenneth Irons again awoke in a cold sweat, the silhouette of a woman ever present before his eyes. He knew that it was the
silhouette of Dominique he saw, she looked just as she had years ago when she had traveled with him. Worst of all were her
words, her whispers of betrayal. Turning over he pulled the sheets further up, even in the warmth of his room he felt cold.
Something was happening, if only he knew what. Turning his thoughts away from all unpleasantness, he tried to focus on
something else - perhaps he could still persuade Sara Pezzini to agree to his proposal.
Sara Pezzini slipped through the city unnoticed, like a fish in a pitch-black stream. In her biking-wear not an inch of her skin was
exposed. Wearily she sighed, the Witchblade still wouldn't let her sleep, nightmares and memories haunted her, keeping her
awake at all hours. As Sara noticed that she was nearing her apartment, she decided that she didn't want to go home, she wanted
to sleep, badly, but she knew sleep wouldn't come. Shaking off the weariness and frustration that surrounded her she changed
her route, wondering what Jake was doing at three A.M.
Ian Nottingham smiled grimly as he watched - or rather felt, Irons turn restlessly in his bed. Irons had trained him to be loyal,
but he'd never trained him not to think treacherous thoughts. Irons deserved this, for everything he'd done, for withholding
knowledge, for misusing power. Irons could do so much for the world if he tried, but he didn't and wouldn't. But something, he
thought, will change; you will be forced to change.

Chapter 2 - Witches brew

Jake felt like he was looking into an aquarium full of murky water every time he tried to understand his new partner. She
probably had more secrets then he'd care to count. To be fair he had his own share of those, but he didn't have that haunted look
Sara Pezzini did whenever she thought someone wasn't looking. Like when she showed up at his apartment last night, he couldn't
explain it but she seemed pained, torn, like she was trapped in a city of steel and couldn't see the sky or tell where she was. Then
there were the phone calls, she'd hasten away to talk in hushed angry whispers, like the one she'd gotten this morning. From
what he could tell it was about some type of deal, or so that was what he'd gathered from Sara's angry 'Like hell I will, I said no to
your first offer, I'm saying no to this one.' Sighing, Jake was about to return to the files on his desk when he noticed people
whispering and pointing out side, wondering what was going on, he stood up.
Sara could tell Irons was getting desperate, his phone call this morning had proved that much. The question was why, his tone
was controlled and haughty, but with the Witchblade Sara was able to tell just how calculated and forced it was. Inwardly she
grinned, he was loosing his own game and he knew it, with her sources Sara no longer had much need for him. That is until this
damned file had shown up on her desk this morning. She'd read it, slammed it shut and walked out the door. Thinking of the file
brought anger to her mind, and with renewed purpose she marched towards Dante's office, running into him in the hallway "The
hell is this?" she practically yelled.

"Good morning to you to DETECTIVE Pezzini. May I help you?" He sneered in her direction. Behind him a few cops snickered,
sharpening their ears, knowing an ugly conversation was likely to start.

"What do you think you're doing assigning me to something like this? THIS, is a babysitting assignment, I'm a homicide
detective." By this point even Jake had come out of his office, a small crowd formed, drawn by the shouting, rumors spread faster
then fire, especially in a police department.

"Of course detective, in the last two weeks however, you've had more 'accidental' deaths in your investigations then the rest of
the unit combined." Sara began to stew, knowing full well that it was due to the Witchblade. Rebelling she decided to throw all
caution and subservience aside.

"The hell is your problem? I didn't kill those people." (At least not all of them) she thought, "and I'm not going to do this."

"Then turn in your badge." The statement was made flatly if triumphantly, Sara knew that either way he won, and somehow,
she was tired of it all, she felt defeated and angry, so nodding she backed up.

"Fine. Take It." removing her badge and gun she threw them at him, then stalked away. No one noticed that she still held the file
in her hand.
Frowning, Ian backed away from the building where he was watching Sara, Irons would be interested in this development, very

Chapter 3 - Directions and obsessions

"Pez! What do you think you're doing?" Still whirling in shock, Jake had followed Sara out of the station, still not comprehending
what he had just heard. Never in he his wildest dreams had he thought that Sara would quit the force just like that.

"Leaving that's what." Closing the bag into which she had just placed something she turned around and pulled out her biking
gloves. "You heard him, they don't think they need me anymore, and I've taken just about all the b.s. I can from them. Don't
worry, you'll find new partner, s/he just won't be as good as I am." Flashing a halfhearted smile, Sarah pulled on her helmet and
revved up the engine, zooming away before Jake could say anything further. Now I just have to go job hunting, she thought.
Well, it wouldn't be that hard, if Dominique was right, the Witchblade would point her in the direction she needed to go, and
while she didn't want to be so quick to trust it, she did.
"You're certain about this?" Kenneth Irons was becoming very delighted, something which hadn't happened in a long time,
something, which after the nightmares and hallucinations of the last few nights had become very needed.

"Yes. Their argument was loud enough the entire crowd around them to hear. He told her to comply or leave, so she left. From
what I gathered, it was permanent." Ian Nottingham was not an easily unsettled man, his training and experience and jaded
him to a point where very little surprised him and even less unsettled him. But the sight of Kenneth Irons with a delighted little
boy grin on his usually stoic malicious face, was something which even he was not prepared for.

"Excellent, this now puts me in a position which the acquisition of..."

"Mr. Irons, Ms. DeLancie from P.J.A. Tech. Is here." Came the voice of Irons’ secretary before he could finish.

"Very well, send her in." Waving Ian away. He cheeked his appearance, put his usually nonchalant look into place, and sat back
in his chair, awaiting his potential business partner.

Walking away from Irons Nottingham began to wonder just what was up, Irons obsession with the Witchblade was something Ian
had been brought up on, anything pertaining to this no longer surprised him. However this woman, supposedly the senior VP of
P.J.A. tech was an obsession he couldn't understand, from the scuttlebutt that always flowed around, she was young, pretty, and
smart. Most of the people who worked for Irons assumed the relationship between the two was personal, but Ian knew both Irons
tastes and age didn’t agree with this. He knew that the relationship was not intimate, yet why then did he insist on working
with P.J.A. Tech of all the biotech companies out there? And why on earth did he insist upon this woman in particular? It wasn't
likely that she was a blood heir of the Witchblade, but she was something to Irons, and if he had his way, Ian would find out what.

Returning to his quarters Nottingham pulled out his cell phone, he had a call to make.
Arriving at her apartment Sara Pezzini took a deep breath before collapsing onto her couch. Resting her head in her hands for a
second she was startled by the ringing of her phone. "Hello?"

"Hello Sara, we need to talk.

Chapter 4 - Of Past and Future

"Joe?" Sara was so surprised that she straightened up in her seat.

"Yeah Pez, it's me. Is it true?" Joe sounded agitated and worried, if Sara didn't know better, she'd say that he was in trouble, or
more accurately, she was.

"Is what true?" This wasn't good, this couldn't be good.

"So it is true. You did leave the force, if you hadn't, you wouldn't be home at 11am." Damn. So Jake had called him. She should've
known that this wasn't going to be as easy as walking out of the station, now she had to deal with the repercussions of her actions.

"Look Joe, I'm sorry. The truth is Gallo is dead, and I can't stand Dante. I joined the force for Dad, and now my vendetta is over.  I
have joined the force for Dad, and now my vendetta is over. I have no more reason to be a cop, Danny's dead, you're gone, I have
no need to be a part of NYPD anymore." Joe heard the flatness of her statement, and somehow he knew she was lying."Whatever
happened to helping someone?"

Sara sighed. I have the Witchblade, she thought, that's all I need to 'help'. For now at least. Aloud she said: "I don't know Joe, I
don't know." Hanging up Sara sighed, and putting her cell phone away she looked at the Witchblade.

"What have you done?" she asked it, "What have you done to my life?" As if in response it glowed, and Sara Pezzini knew she'd
made the right choice, lying down on her couch she turned her head, finally getting some long deserved sleep.
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