Fan Fiction
No Fury (minimum R, max NC-17)
Warning: This story contains sexually explicit descriptions. Please do not continue if you are
under 18!
Irons on the events on Maelstrom.
Submitted by Tracey
The Witchblade, Sara Pezzini, Ian Nottingham, and Kenneth Irons all belong to Top Cow Productions. They're not
mine, though I really wish they were...
This story's based mostly on the TV series.

Ok, this one is the highest rated story I've yet done, for graphic description and also mention and implication of rape
and nonconsensual sex, violence, etc. I'm rating this one as an R because I'm getting somewhat graphic here. I'm not
really sure whether to call it a "might-have-been" for Maelstrom or just Irons' musings right after the episode, but I
think this fits right in-between scenes.

A note from the author - I do not condone rape or violence in any form. This is only a characterization.