Question: Do you get paid to create or maintain your websites? Do
you have help?
Answer: No, I don't get paid, and  I don't have help, except for the
encouragement I get from all of you.  :) If you are here, you are
helping, because seeing the hit counter rise encourages me, and I
thank you.
Question: What kind of motorcycle does Sara ride?
Answer: The motorcycle Sara/Yancy rides is a Buell. According to
my source, it's a good bike, very comfortable and easy to manage.
It's manufactured by Buell Motorcycle Company, which is owned by
Harley Davidson.  Of course.  :)
Question: Do you know if Kim DeLury really sang in the episode "Sacrifice"? Do you know how I can get the album
that includes the music from that episode?
Answer: It was not Kim De Lury singing. Conchobar's singing voice is that of Grant Lee Phillips, formerly in the band
Grant Lee Buffalo. The words to the Legend of Cathain can be found in my
Past Bladewielders section. Just go to
"Cathain" or
click here. I don't know how to get the music ~ yet!  If there was ever a series that cried out for a
soundtrack album, this is definitely it!
Question: I e-mailed you three days ago, and still haven't received a response; why?
Answer: While I do try to get back to everyone who writes me (and I do have many other sites in my domain,
SolitaryPhoenix, so I get quite a bit of mail!), maintaining the sites takes up most of the time I have online, but if I
can get back to you, I will.
Question: What's the title and artist of the song that was playing
... ?
Answer: I've compiled a list of the songs played during the
episodes (
click here for the Music page). If you can identify a song
that isn't listed yet, please
contact me, and I'll give you credit if
you're the first one to do so!
Question: Do you know how to get posters, videos, or other Witchblade (the television series) merchandise?
Answer: TopCow, who own the comic book characters that are Witchblade, did have some WB merchandise.  
Unfortunately, that part of their online seems to not exsist anymore.  If I find any other places to buy WB stuff, I'll
post it here.
Question: Do you have an address so I can write to the actors?
Answer: Unfortunately, no, not yet, but I am researching this, and as soon as I get an address [or addresses], I'll
post it!
Question: Do the episode titles for season one  mean anything?
Answer: Yes, and I've posted their meanings on the Episode Guide Index page.
If you have a question, please write me, and I'll do my best to answer it for you. Or, if you have an answer, or want
to correct me [yes, I
am aware that I'm not perfect!], write me!
Question: Has Witchblade really been cancelled?  Why?  Is it being shown anymore?
Answer: Yes, unfortunately it was, as of September 2002, and as far as I know, it's not
being shown anymore, although you can check your local listings.  The "official" story,  
from the TNT site:
From its pilot through two successful seasons on TNT, Witchblade has enjoyed an amazing
amount of fan support, which helped nurture and drive the success of the series. The
network is grateful for this support, but felt that the show has reached a fitting conclusion.
TNT, the producers and the actors of Witchblade wish to offer thanks for the wonderful fan
The unofficial reason, sadly, had more to do with personal issues.  Yancy, and the rest of
the WB cast, are and always will be, sorely missed.  In their two short seasons, they
created a wonderful show with memorable characters, full of depth.