Our Eric is apparently as enigmatic as his on-screen persona of Ian Nottingham: the information available about him is
intriguing.  Eric is 6'2" tall, and was born in 1970.  He graduated from Santa Monica High School; in high school, he played
football. Eric attended San Diego State University, where he played on the school's volleyball team (the Aztecs). When he was at
SDSU, he, along with another man, apparently helped rescue two women from a burning apartment.

On October 27, 1990, Eric Etebari and Curtis R. Higgs saved the lives of two women by breaking into a burning condominium and
carrying the women out. The women were students at San Diego State University; Etebari and Higgs were neighbors of the
women that they saved, but a third woman died in the fire. The women had returned from a long night of partying at about 5
am, and left a cigarette burning on the sofa. Eric lived on the second floor of the building, and the fire was on the third floor, in
the unit above his own. He first kicked in the front door, but the flames were too hot for him to go inside. Then, he and Higgs
kicked the back door open and each man dragged a woman to safety, braving flames and thick smoke. They were not able to
save the third woman in the condo in time. The address of the building was 6775 Alvarado Road, near the campus. Both Eric and
Higgs received commendations from the fire department.
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County edition 10/28/90, San Diego Union-Tribune 10/27/90;10/28/90, San Diego Union-Tribune 4/29/91)

As well as being a hero, he also has a generous nature: apparently he has endowed a scholarship at SDSU. He is a former
professional beach volleyball player and was on a US team in 1993. Eric was also a Versace model for a time, while playing
volleyball, and appears in the book "The Naked and The Dressed" -- naked. He has dated fashion model Estee Stanley and (lived
with) Nicole Eggert of Baywatch. Eric's appeared in several independent movies, including
The Murder In China Basin, and also
appeared in the TV series
413 Hope St. in 1997. His hometown is Malibu, CA.
Eric 'Kaos' Etebari as Ian
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