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Episode 3 ~ Agape [continued]: Dean walks along an alley, picking up another fancy
car; Jake asks about a tale Dean told him about the cars, how “Parking Guys�
loan him cars in long-term storage, and Dean is circumspect. He hands Jake the bag of
money and says after they make the buy, they’ll release Big Ben and blame
everything on him. Jake wonders if Ben will turn them in to his bosses, and Dean
agrees, okay, they’ll go kill him to make sure he doesn’t turn them in. Then he
cuffs at Jake playfully, and Jake laughs, embarrassed. Dean asks if Jake is ready, and
Jake says he’s scared – Dean tells him to use the fear, “Be real.� He takes
Jake’s gun, he says it’s department issue, it will be recognized; he gives Jake a
huge gun. Dean tells Jake to stay calm, get the bad guys to trust him, and he sends the
rookie in, driving a short way down the alley as Jake goes in the door…
… Danny is looking up Dean’s file, and Sara is going through records, they’re
trying to figure things out…
… Ian stands in an alley, apparently meditating…
… Two guys are playing video games, ignoring Jake’s entry. Jake whistles and a
third guy draws on him. He says he’s taking Big Ben’s place, he starts to turn
over the money, and the guys try to just shoo him out the door but he refuses until they
give him the “merch�. They toss it at him, he starts to leave, and Dean comes in,
shooting the place up, much to Jake’s amazement. The game continues to play as
Dean takes aim. Jake begins to fire with the big gun he brought in, the game says, â
€œshootâ€�, Dean kills off the guys in between the game sending game images, One
guy gets in a shot on Jake’s shoulder, Dean caps him and the game flashes, â
€œGame Overâ€�. Dean is nasty with Jake, he pushes the cash over to Jake, and Dean
conjectures Jake was sent in for a buy, but Jake lost his cool, shot all the guys with
Jake’s gun, blew them all away, he was high as a kite – and then Dean shoves
pills down Jake’s throat, washing them down with Jack Daniels. He leaves a terrified
Jake. Jake tries firing after Dean with the big gun Dean had given him before, but Dean
leaves before Jake can take aim; Jake runs out another door, and Dean comes back for
the money and the pills. He exits as the sirens start outside.
Sara is amazed as she listens to Dean spin a tale: he mocks Sara a little bit, but he says
Jake was supposed to set up a connection, no mention of the money or the pills. Sara is
disbelieving, but she says there are units looking for Jake, and IA is also looking into
things; this wasn’t a clean deal. Before she leaves, Sara tells Dean she doesn’t
like him and doesn’t trust him, and if she finds out Dean betrayed Jake, she’s
going to ruin him.
Jake is outside in an alley, puking up his guts, he finds a picture of Irons on a cover of
Time Magazine with the headline “Missing Billionaire.� Irons’ picture talks to
him, asks how he’s doing, shouldn’t he get the slug out of his shoulder? Then
Irons directs Jake’s attention to the approaching police car, and Jake hides under
A man gets into a limo, tells the first man in the back he doesn’t like meeting this
way. The first one talks about the other’s missing money, and his own people who
are missing, specifically Big Ben. He says he heard it was a rookie cop who stole the
money and drugs and ran off. They agree to join forces and find Jake together.
Danny tells Sara that Torres invested a lot of money before the dot-com. Danny asks
Sara about Jake’s involvement here, Sara doesn’t think he’s guilty, Danny
thinks they should be talking to everyone Dean did business with, but Sara thinks they
should be leaning on Dean. Sara peruses pictures, she notices a doll on the floor beside
a dead man: it’s the same doll the little girl she keeps seeing is carrying. Sara asks
Danny for a picture from another case, she shows Danny the two pictures are different,
and shouldn’t be – the doll had been taken and the pictures re-taken to cover it
up. It had been at a dealer’s house, his daughter had been there, too, and was
killed. Sara speculates the doll was stuffed with the money or drugs, and Dean or Torres
walked away with it.
Lazar finds Jake under a box, Jake is dreaming about the sushi he ate with Dean.
Sara and Danny figure out Torres was investing the money he and Dean were stealing,
then the dot-com crash, they lost money, and Dean killed Torres for revenge. They
decide to go find Dean.
The thugs find Jake, they were tipped off by a couple of guys in the street who
recognized him from pictures being circulated by the NYPD. The two guys are warned
not to talk. Jake tries to escape, but he’s too stoned to put up much of a fight, and
he’s dragged away.
Jake sits on a couch, stoned, and the two bosses who’d met in the limo earlier are
there, they introduce him to Mr. Lomax, a chemist, who carries a bowl full of blue pills.
They offer Jake drugs, but he doesn’t like them and refuses them. At first they’re
disbelieving, then they realize Jake is telling the truth, so they demand to know where
the cash is, where the drugs are, and where is Big Ben, and Jake tells them about Dean
Gorner; they go after Dean. Mr. Lomax grabs Jake, tells him, “Take Dean Gorner out
of circulation.� And he holds the pills before Jake, a silent threat: he’ll tell them
everything, or they’ll make it look like he overdosed.
Big Ben is found, and his wig is picked up off the ground.
Sara and Dean sit in a car, wondering about Dean and Jake, they speculate it was Dean
set up Jake as part of a bigger plan, a getaway. Sara blames herself for the whole
thing, Jake was a rookie and she let Jake go with Dean; Danny sighs, maybe Jake was
turned, he’s a rookie. He and Sara look at each other and agree: “Nah…�
Coming out of his apartment, Dean is met by Big Ben in his wig; Ben takes his guns, and
pushes Dean into a car. Sara and Danny were sitting outside, and they follow the car.
Dean sits in a chair opposite Jake, they push pills down his throat with alcohol, as a
smug Jake watches. Dean says they can’t kill him, he’s already dead. Two guns
are put on the floor, one near Jake, one near Dean, and the bosses leave. Sara and
Danny make their way into the building, Danny downstairs, Sara on the roof, planning a
bust; the thugs watch Jake and Dean from behind a pile of wares, waiting for them to
kill each other. Dean and Jake are still tied to their chairs, with one hand free, they both
stumble for the guns, Dean tries to kill Jake, Jake tells Dean not to do it, but he fires his
gun, too, ready to defend himself. Danny pulls a gun on the men from behind a plastic
curtain, and they fire at him, he backs away, and Sara drops through the skylight
between Dean and Jake, deflecting bullets and trying to pull Jake to safety. Then she
leaps to where the bosses just pushed back Danny, and proceeds to beat up everyone
with the gauntlet. When Danny pulls the curtain back again, Sara is standing in the
middle of a pile of groaning men, the gauntlet gone, and she shrugs innocently at him.
They find Jake holding a gun on Dean, he wants to shoot Dean, but Sara talks him out
of it, taking the gun from him.
As they enter the station, Jake is saying he was not completely under the influence
anymore, but Danny and Sara are looking at him like he’s crazy. He says Sara was
like, “an avenging angel,� and Danny says if it doesn’t seem real, it’s not
a hallucination. Sara sees the little girl skipping with her doll, and Sara agrees with a
Yancy Butler as Sara Pezzini
David Chokachi as Jake
Anthony Cistaro as Kenneth
Will Yun Lee as Danny Woo
Eric 'Kaos' Etebari as Ian
Kathryn Winslow as Vicki Po
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