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Episode 1 ~ Season Two Premiere: Emergence [continued]:  Danny is in the box, his
lighter is going out, his breath is shallow, he cannot breathe… Sara stands in the
empty graveyard, searching, trying to find something, anything: she calls out for Dannyâ
€¦ Irons stands in his office… Danny’s lighter is flickering in the waning oxygen, he
cannot breathe, his heartbeat is slowing… everything goes black, pitch black...Sara
runs, trying to find him… she hears echoes of Ian’s voice, telling her to believe in
the blade… the blade flashes again, the roses fall on Danny’s coffin, the cherubâ
€™s eye opens, Danny’s funeral… Sara finds the cherub in the graveyard. She sees
Lazar, as he was the day Danny died, and she runs toward him, but he is no longer
there. She hears Irons’ voice, as he spoke to Christina… and she sees herself
before Danny’s grave. Staring at the ground, she realizes where Danny is, and she
digs him up...light hits Danny like a blow... Sara pulls him from the ground, carrying him to
a bench to breathe again. She cradles him as he breathes...alive...fate apparently
Yancy Butler as Sara Pezzini
David Chokachi as Jake
Anthony Cistaro as Kenneth
Will Yun Lee as Danny Woo
Eric 'Kaos' Etebari as Ian
Conrad Dunn as Tommy Gallo
Kathryn Winslow as Vicki Po
Kenneth Walsh as Joe Siri
Episode 2 - Destiny: Clouds swirl in the morning, and Irons tells Ian the Witchblade may now
gone, but the lance has arrived. He continues that everything has an opposite: Newton said for
every action –he attacks Ian, who parries – there is an equal – he attacks and is repelled
again – and opposite re-action. He concludes, this is also true of the Witchblade. Ian stares at
him warily, and Irons whips an arm in false camaraderie around his neck before releasing him.
Ian walks away and out.
Passing a car in the snow, Ian is accosted by a mugger, demanding his wallet and cash. He says
calmly, “Risky line of work you’re in,� and the young man demands does Ian want
him to kill him? “Kind of.â€� The man says he will unless Ian cooperates, and Ian replies, â
€œI’m going to give you more than you asked me for, I’m going to give you your life,â€�
and proceeds to beat the hell out of him before sending him running. Absently, Ian tosses away
the muggers gun before continuing on his way.
In a warehouse, a security guard makes his rounds; he hears a rat, and a shadow. Ignoring it, he
continues on his way, but notices a box with straw coming out of it, opened. The noises continue
behind him, something seems to move, he draws his gun, demanding to know who is there, and
he is pierced by a spear in the gut.
Irons stares into the flames of a candle.
Ian fingers the spear.
Irons sits before the fire as the spear is pulled from the man’s belly. He smiles and twists the
scar on his hand.
Gabe sits before his computer, looking at Joan of Arc on the internet.
Sara lies on her couch looking at the bracelet.
Ian enters the study through carved doors with the spear wrapped in a leather (or silk?). He lays
it across fitted sconces in two pillars of stone. Irons watches silently, then thanks him – he was
growing impatient. Ian stares at him then leaves. Irons sits back in his chair, rapturous as he
looks at the spear.
Sara sees Danny, asks how he’s feeling, and Danny says, “Like I just emerged from the
most psychotic nightmare I ever had.� Sara smiles, as he continues, “What the hell
happened?� Sara says she was hoping Danny could tell her. “I just have a few little
questions,� he says, “like who jumped me, why’d they jump me, how you found me,
how you got me out of there,� and Sara quips, she got a mysterious phone call saying where
he was and she went and got him. Danny asks if there’s something Sara isn’t telling him,
and she hedges, maybe there’s something Danny should tell her? Jake interrupts, it’s
Orlinsky at the docks calling for her. Sara tells Orlinsky they’ll be there.
Orlinsky tells them they have nothing unusual, just a male Caucasian with a 4-inch gash in his
gut, that whatever was used pinned him to the packing crate. Then it was pulled out and taken
away. Sara asks why she was called, Orlinsky says because she has a reputation for the weird –
besides, he missed seeing her “mug�. Sara asks what the weapon is? Orlinsky says they
don’t have it, but look at the wound, it couldn’t have been too sharp, now it’s â
€œduller than Hillary Clinton’s libido.â€� Danny comments he’s making the same old
jokes. Sara fingers the hole in the crate, and the blade flashes, clouds swirling and then Christ on
the cross. As Danny looks elsewhere, Sara hears a voice telling her please come. Her face is
spooked, and Danny watches, concerned.
Irons carries his spear around his study, fingering the blade. As he moves in the flickering
candlelight, he gets a crazed gleam in his eyes, “takes aim� in a defensive posture: and
images flash: Sara’s face in the blade, the hill at Calgary, Nazi soldiers, Irons’ face, a
drawing of a Roman army on the march, pictures of Egyptians on the battlefield, a man being
killed, a drawing of an ancient soldier being speared, guns, a battlefield littered with bodies, Irons
face, covered in blood, a medire view drawing of Constantine, Crusaders on the march, soldiers
carrying a victim to be burned at the stake, another Roman era battle, Napoleon’s army on
the battlefield, ancient shields, and Sara’s face in the blade yet again. Irons continues staring
inward: Charlemagne’s battle lost after he dropped the lance, an image of Christ with a halo,
pierced with arrows, looking to Heaven, Irons face, Vorschlag industries, Irons face, Sara’s
face, Hitler giving a speech to a cheering crowd, bombs dropping, falling to the earth, Iron’s
face covered with blood, tanks, missiles, the silhouette of soldiers on the march, and Calgary,
Christ being dropped from the cross, Sara’s face, Irons’ face covered with blood, Christ on
the cross, Sara’s face, Irons’ face covered with blood, and he breathes, overwhelmed as he
holds the spear aloft, screaming triumphantly in the flicker of the firelight.
Danny comes into the office with coffee, Sara sees Irons dressed as a motorcycle cop in outside the
window of her office, points to him to Danny, and sees him dressed in armor. Someone passes in
front of her image, and he’s back to being a motorcycle cop. Sara excuses herself quickly as
Danny stares after her, asking where she’s going.
Irons exits his office building, speaking German to his entourage before heading for his limousine.
Sara stops him, tells him Ian has been stalking her. He denies knowledge of this. She tells him Ian
tried to kill her; Irons doesn’t know why, Ian is gentle.  Sara says to get the Witchblade on her
wrist for Irons. Irons feigns innocence, Sara persists, Ian attacked her with a sword, Irons is
nonplussed, Sara asks where Ian is, Irons denies knowledge, Sara bluntly asks if the blade belongs
to him, and Irons pushes back, “Stop playing games detective, even if I said it did, you wouldnâ
€™t return it to me.â€� Leaning in close he continues, “You know what it is, and you know
what it can do. If that bracelet did belong to me, you can be assured that it would not be on your
lovely little malnourished arm, and you can be further assured that your arm would be a great
distance from your body.� He gets into his car, Sara calling after him, where was he last
night? Bored, he asks, “Temporally or metaphysically?� At midnight, she persists. “In
a reverie,� he replies, and she is annoyed, what does that mean? He smiles at her
enigmatically, “You should know, Detective, you were a part of it.� Sara is aghast. He
finishes, “Sooner or later, you’ll get the point.� And he shuts the car door on her.
In his study, Irons enters through the curtains carrying the spear wrapped in its sheath: two men
are speaking intensely before the firelight, and others surround the table. Irons loudly
announces, “Gentlemen, I’ve invited you here today to deliver a message of great
importance.â€� He lays the spear flat on the table and continues while making a circuit, “Iâ
€™ll be brief. Vorschlag Industries suffers from a cancer within. A pox, if you will which means to
undermine our autonomy in the biotechnology industry. A disease which means to destroy us.â
€� One board member protests, there was a 200% profit, and Irons disagrees, success is not a
measure of health. He carries on, in the days of Caesar, traitors were offered the chance to
commit suicide and were given clemency for their families. But the republic still perished. When
Rommel attempted to kill Hitler, he was allowed to choose his own poison, but his family was
spared. He taps the two men who spoke earlier, Paul’s family was burned in their home,
Sidney’s family was drowned in their car. As his board stares in shock, he unwraps the spear,
declaring he “will not be destroyed by the heretics of his vision�, and he kills them both
with the spear.
In a park-like setting, clouds swirl overhead and an officer runs away to vomit. Sara and Danny
pass him on the way to the scene, calling out to the duty officer, Turnbull, to tell them what’s
up. He says 'they were stabbed between the fourth and fifth ribs' [same as Christ was said to have
been]. Danny asks if they were clean wounds? But Turnbull says no, they were quite messy. The
wounds don't have the neat edges of knife cuts, but  blurred, dull ones... He hands Sara their IDs
and comments it must have been a bad day at the office. Sara says to Danny they both worked for
Irons. Danny takes the IDs and Sara stares at the silent blade – but the ground shakes and the
trees sway for her.
Vicky hums “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen� as she looks at enlarged internal
pictures of the wounds made by the weapon. Sara and Danny ask if it’s the same weapon,
Sara teasing her when she ignores them. Vicky is acerbic in her response, and as they watch, she
puts something into a beaker, beaming at the results she sees.
Vicky leads them to the body of Sidney, taking a cigarette from behind her ear, and dares them to
say anything to her about it, the formaldehyde will kill her before the nicotine will. She begins:
three guys, same weapon, hundreds of pounds of force to kill them. First she thought the wood
from the exit wounds was from the packing crate, but the wood is cedar, a variety of cedar grown
only in Lebanon and Syria, which has been extinct for over a thousand years. Then she carbon
dated the metal fibers – it’s an alloy of copper, forged sometime between 10 and 70 A.D.
Danny says it’s time to go see Irons.
They enter his house with guns drawn, but find no one. Danny is creeped out by the house, and
Sara again hears voices and sounds, she ‘sees’ herself stabbed, and falls to the floor. Danny
helps her up, she says she just slipped, but finds blood on her hand from her gut where the â
€œspearâ€� pierced her. Danny freaks out, what is going on with her? She says she is OK, and
Danny says he can’t trust her if
she won’t tell him.

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