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Episode 1 ~ Season Two Premiere: Emergence [continued]:  Ian tries to explain that the
blade changes forms, but Sara says she’s keeping it, and Ian can tell Irons himself. He
tells Sara he will do that. Sara tells him to stay away from her, and Ian’s eyes drop to
the ground in acquiescence.
In a sado-masochistic strip joint, Sara pulls a guy away from Debbie Buck, tells him to
leave. Debbie gets mad, she already told Sara everything, and Sara shuts her up, sheâ
€™s there because of her father. Debbie denies she has a father, and Sara rebukes her,
yes she does have a father – but Sara does not. She says society may demand children
blame their parents for everything in their lives, but that’s a lie; it’s time for Debbie
to go home, her father is lonely and he loves her. Debbie says she can’t be forgiven,
but Sara is positive Debbie should let her father decide. Sara tells her she knows nothing
about her life, and Debbie says she doesn’t know what to say. Sara encourages
Debbie to go home: it’s not necessary to say anything, just knock on his door. She
leaves a thoughtful Debbie.
At his mansion, Irons’ is cold, why didn’t Ian get the blade back? Ian replies Sara
refused, and Irons is short, Ian should have cut it off her arm. Ian reminds him he was
trained from childhood to protect the blade-wielder; he declares he was unable to harm
her. Irons grates, “I have trained you to do my bidding!� as he raises a fist to
backhand a flinching Ian, but instead of striking Ian, Irons gently strokes his cheek with
the back of his hand, then strokes his servant’s hair; he patronizes Ian, he has also
taught him to be impeccable in his speech, and he thinks Ian is a lying, infatuated child.
Irons leads Ian to a chair and guides him to sit. He continues to denigrate a stony-faced
Ian, Sara has no idea what she wears, but the longer she has the blade, the harder it will
be take it from her. Ian protests Sara *is* a destined wielder, but Irons is condescending,
*he* is a Wielder of Destiny, while Sara is mired in “pedestrian concepts� of right
and wrong, she’s unable to transcend good and evil, unable to do what is necessary â
€“ just as Ian appears unable to do what he is supposed to do. Kneeling down before a
petulant child, Irons persists, he is dismayed Ian disobeyed, but he is unsurprised. Ian
turns a surprised gaze on his master, and Irons says Ian fell under Sara’s spell. Ian
looks at the floor, confused. Irons continues, he was prepared for this eventuality, and
calls Christina into the room. Christina saunters in, leaning provocatively on the balcony
before gliding down the stairs. Irons declares she will get the blade back, and for a
reward, he will let her wear the blade. Ian says she is not the chosen wielder, and Irons is
destined to fail. Irons closes his eyes, he tells Ian he had a dream Sara wore the blade
and in his dream, she killed Ian (the evil clone), defied him, and irrevocably pierced the veil
of time. Ian’s smile is resolute, he had the same dream, and Irons corrects him: the
same Omen. Glancing at his scar, Irons stands, perhaps now the blade is again fluid, he
can control the direction it will move. His look is troubled – Sara Pezzini must die,
preferably in shame and fear. Ian replies with distaste, "This woman is not the destined
wielder, she is not of the bloodline, the blade chose Sara Pezzini. She is a peasant."
Christina smiles as Irons goes on with his lecture, occasionally the blade benefits from
someone outside the bloodline wearing the blade, just as royalty benefits; and, he says,
she *will* have been chosen – he grasps Ian’s chin, turning him toward Christina,
but Ian closes his eyes refusing to look at her – by him. Ian yanks his chin away. Ian
says, “Your arrogance is astounding.� And Irons thanks him. He tells Ian Christina
has had experiences that make her hunger for what the blade can offer her. She is angry,
on her wrist the blade will be sublime. Wrapping a stroking hand around her throat, Irons
says he has had his eye on her for some time. He orders Ian to help Christina with her
plan to humiliate and destroy Sara: he expects this to happen by the following day.
The full moon hangs over the city and Gallo relaxes in a steam room with a henchman,
saying he knows what to do about Sara, but his man says to stay away from her, sheâ
€™s trouble. Sara interrupts, that’s right, she is, and knocks the guy out. Gallo smiles
at her, he didn’t have anything to do with Maria’s death. Sara is disbelieving, and
Gallo says she was destined to die young. Sara responds, “And you were destined to
die naked, middle-aged, and covered in your own piss,� and holds her gun in his face,
her finger itchy on the trigger. After a moment, Gallo offers her something: Jeffrey Gordoâ
€™s partner -Christina-  was the one put the contract on him. He leans back lazily, a smug
smile on his face as he closes his eyes, and when he opens them again, Sara is gone, one
guy on the floor, the guard also out cold just outside the door.
Danny walks home with a pizza, and hears a woman screaming for help as she is mugged.
He runs down the alley where she’s calling and Ian knocks him out. Christina eats a
piece of the pizza with a cold smile.
Debbie knocks on the door of her father’s house. He opens the door, and they both cry
as he folds her into his embrace.
Ian shovels dirt into a grave and Christina watches, asking if he and Irons really believes
all “that crap� about the blade, do they really believe it’s that powerful? And Ian
replies, “It’s that powerful because we believe it is.� He continues to shovel dirt.
Irons sits at his table, he tells Christina did her task well, and she says yes. “Bad Girl,â
€� he chides in a silky voice, and she thanks him with a sleek smile. He asks, “What do
you want more than anything?� Christina says she wants revenge. “On what?�
he asks with a sick smile. “The World,� she responds. “What else?� She tells
him she wants everything, all at once, and she begins to slowly crawl across the table
toward him. Irons tells her to elaborate, and she says she wants power, fame, experience
– well, she already has that – and she straddles him. She wants to be immortal. Irons
smiles at her and asks, “Care to join me in my folly?� Christina asks if the blade
really has all these things? Irons affirms, and she asks nastily, “Then why don’t you
wear it?� Abruptly he throws her back on the table, and spits angrily only a woman can
wear the blade; and she replies, “and only *you* can wield the woman.� Irons gets
up, taking off his belt, and tells Christina if she agrees to be faithful and obedient, he will
allow her to be his slave. She raises her clasped hands for him to tie his belt around them.
Dragging her by her bound hands back across the table she will experience everything,
beyond everything, if he so desires. Livid bruises on her cheek are visible as he leans over
her. She raises a stilettoed heel to him, and he can’t take it anymore, he wrenches her
off the table and violently takes her from behind. He whispers in her ear, “Are you
ready to finish the job? To put another body in the box?�
Sara tosses and turns, dreaming of walking a fire-lit hallway in full armor, a painting of
Joan of Arc, hair in her face, a strange golden helmeted man [
much like the golden helmet
worn by Mordred in “Excalibur�
], a lemur screaming, a woman’s back in black
panties, Ian removing his helmet. Ian spilling dirt into a grave, Danny’s funeral in the
snow, a rose dropping atop the pile on his grave, the cherub’s eye opening, Sara
standing alone in the graveyard looking at Danny’s coffin, Christina’s face with a
small smile. Sara wakens in a cold sweat to see the blade glowing.
Entering the office, Jake teases her it’s nice of her to show up. Sara says she slept
heavy, and asks, “Where’s that long-haired Asian guy?�
Danny gets his lighter, and finds himself in a box, buried alive.
Sara takes off the blade, and calls Wired Orb. The receptionist says Christina is scouting
for a new warehouse at 1111 Faust Street. She gets up to leave, telling Jake to find
Danny, sometimes he gets hung up at home or at the gym. Turning back, she picks up the
bracelet. She rides through town on her motorcycle In a room full of mannequins, Sara
finds Christina, who greets her with a triumphant smile. Sara says she heard Christina put
the hit on Jeffrey, and Christina offers to confess. Not just because of the money, or
because she hated him – actually, she says, he was pretty cool. She also killed the hit
man herself, put a bullet between the eyes – Sara loosens her gun – she says he
whimpered like a pathetic little girl right before she killed him, “THAT was fun.� Sara
is aghast. Christina goes on, “When I was a child I was put in a box.� Sara says
she’s under arrest. Christina asks, “Don’t you want to hear the rest, Pretty Girl?
� Sara declines, and Christina says, “I just thought you might want to know the
situation with your – beloved – partner.� Sara shoots the mannequin behind
Christina and demands Danny. Christina says, “I suppose you could say I killed him.
Although he’s probably not dead – yet. Funny thing about time, sequences of
events, sometimes things happen in a different order than you’d expect, but the result
is the same. Your partner was buried before he was dead. His death will be slow,
terrifying, painful – an agony I
wish I could witness. And the best thing about it is, you
can’t do anything about it, because you are not leaving this room alive.� She walks
away with a smile as Ian whips Sara’s gun out of her hand.
Ian apologizes to Sara, he was ordered to do this by Kenneth Irons. After a feint, the
blade morphs into the gauntlet. Staring at it unmoving, Ian attacks, striking the glove, and
grabs Sara by the throat – he says Irons wants Sara to die so the blade will take on a
new wielder. Sara says he can have it, all she cares about is Danny. Ian releases her, and
they stare at the glove – it morphs into a spear form. She attacks Ian, he defends
himself but does not make any aggressive moves against her. Ian tells her the blade is not
hers to give away. Sara continues to attack, and Ian continues to defend. Sara demands
Ian tell her where Danny is, and Ian says, “Where he is destined to be.� Christina
watches with a bright smile. Launching her attack anew, Sara finally manages to disarm
Ian, and holds the blade point at his throat. Ian says, “Please! It would be a favor Iâ
€™d love never to return. If you don’t kill me now Sara, I will only try to kill you again.
You have the knowledge you need, believe in the Witchblade, it will help you, you are a
true wielder, you have been chosen.� Sara closes her eyes, sees Danny’s funeral
again, the roses dropping on his grave, the cherub’s eye, Sara stands alone in the
graveyard, and Christina’s face smiling. Behind her, Christina picks up Ian’s sword,
Ian sees Christina, his eyes flicker in her direction as she means to attack Sara, Sara
opens her eyes, follows Ian’s gaze, and slashes back, killing the girl.

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Yancy Butler as Sara Pezzini
David Chokachi as Jake
Anthony Cistaro as Kenneth
Will Yun Lee as Danny Woo
Eric 'Kaos' Etebari as Ian
Conrad Dunn as Tommy
Kathryn Winslow as Vicki Po
Joe Butler [yes, Yancy's
dad} as Arnold Buck
Kenneth Walsh as Joe Siri
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