Believe in the Witchblade, Sara, it believes in you.
- Ian Nottingham to Sara Pezzinni in Conundrum
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Parallax ~ the apparent
displacement of an
observed object due to a
change in the position of
the observer
Conundrum ~ a
paradoxical, insoluble, or
difficult problem; a dilemma
Diplopia ~ double vision
Sacrifice ~ the act of
offering something to a
deity in homage. Also,
forfeiture of something
highly valued for the sake
of one considered to have
a greater value or claim, or
something so forfeited
Legion ~ a great number
Maelstrom ~ a restless,
disordered, or tumultuous
state of affairs
Periculum ~ Danger or
risk. Also an accident
relieving one from the duty
of performing an obligation.
Thanatopsis ~ a
meditation on death
Apprehension ~ anxiety
about the future; fear that
something unpleasant is
going to happen
Convergence ~ the act of
coming together or of union
Transcendence ~ the state
of excelling. surpassing, or
going beyond usual limits
As you can see, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Lark, who has generously been writing up detailed descriptions of each epsiode for
this site for half the season! She started out by offering to write up Legion, the only episode I missed, and just continued to send
reviews every week. Thank you Lark.

Updated 7/13/02 ~ Lark, the wonderful human being that she is, will be writing up descriptions for S2!  Yay!  Much
thanks again to her; she does a great job...
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Season Two
Episode 1 ~ Emergence ~ Season premiere
Episode 2 ~ Destiny
Episode 3 ~Agape
Episode 4 ~ Consectatio
Episode 5 ~ Static
Episode 6 ~ Nailed
Episode 7 ~ Lagrimas
Episode 8 ~ Hierophant
Episode 9 ~ Veritas
Episode 10 ~ Parabolic
Episode 11 ~ Palindrome
Episode 12 ~ Ubique
Episode 13 ~ Lucrezia
Episode 14 ~ Cyberfaust
Episode 15 ~ Encore