1940 ~ Elizabeth Bronte, spy for the Allies in WWII.  Mistress to one of Hitler's SS men, Rolf Goermin, who stole the Witchblade
from Hitler's private collection of 'objets de puissance' ~ objects of power ~ for his lover.  Elizabeth helped break the Engima
code ~ which was instrumental in winning the war.

1959 ~ Dominique Boucher ~ pretender, Kenneth Irons former lover

2000 ~ Sara Pezzini ~ current Bladewielder

2001 ~ Fay ~ pretender, last name unknown, part of a Northern Ireland 'police' squad sent to retrieve Sara Pezzini's lover
Conchobar, to be used as bait for his IRA-member brother, Edward.  Fay's fiance was killed by one of Edward's terrorist acts, so
her hatred for him and his brother  was deep-set.  Sara tried to use the Witchblade to get Conchobar back, and in a desparation
move gave it to Fay as part of an exchange.   Fay did wear the Witchblade, and it did morph into the gauntlet and sword for her
in a fight against Sara.  So perhaps Fay wasn't a pretender as much as she was a lesson for Sara, to never mistake the
Witchblade as simply an object or possession.  The Blade enabled Fay to put Sara at a disadvantage, which allowed the terrorist
to fatally stab an already injured Conchobar, but the Blade ultimately decided against Fay.  It held her in place for Sara to shoot
many, many times], and then allowed Ian Nottingham to replace it on Sara's wrist as she lay next to her dead lover.

2001 ~ Sara Pezzini ~ again, current Bladewielder
Elizabeth Bronte, ca. 1940
Sara Pezzini, 2000
Fay, 2000
Dominique Boucher
The "Modern" Wielders ~ 20th century to present
Sara Pezzini, Current Bladewielder
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