The gauntlet stayed in Cathain's family for several generations.  Her great-grandaughter seemed to have used the Witchblade
to help the Romans build their empire; apparently she fell in love with a Roman soldier, and she fought along side him.  It was
during one of these battles, that the Blade passed to the next acknowledged wielder ~ Septima Zenobia.  Zenobia ripped the
Wtichblade from the wrist of Cathain's kin, and took it for her own ~ and the gauntlet served her.

Septima Zenobia governed Syria from about 250 to 275 AD.  She led her armies on horseback wearing full armor, and during
Claudius' reign defeated the Roman legions so decisively that they retreated from much of Asia Minor.  Arabia, Armenia and
Persia allied themselves with her and she claimed dominion over Egypt by right of ancestry.  Claudius' successor Aurelian
sent his most experienced legions to conquer Zenobia but it took almost 4 years of battles
and sieges before her capital city of Palmyra fell and Zenobia was paraded through the
streets of Rome in chains.  Zenobia, beautiful, intelligent, and still considered a woman of
higher class, married a Roman senator and presumably spent the rest of her life at his villa
near Tibur (now Tivoli, Italy).  Her daughters married into influential Roman families and her
line continued to be important in Roman politics for almost three centuries.  Supposedly, torn
by the idea that the Romans would gain possession of the Blade, but not able to dispose of
it, she asked a trusted servant, a eunuch, to protect the bracelet until she could reclaim it
before she was captured.   Instead, he sold it to an Oriental merchant.

For almost a thousand years after Zenobia, there is little recorded activity about the
Witchblade, and no true Bladewielders were idenified.  Two theories prevail ~ first, that the
Blade spawned the Oriental martial art sects known as Samurai, and the other that the
activities of the Samurai masked those of the Blade.  The next known Bladewielder was a
Samurai woman named Itagaki.  There is another, who may have been a possible wielder ~ a
young Chinese woman named Mu-Lan.
Hua Mu-Lan
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