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A Mystic Falls History Lesson
(aka The Story So Far)

** Be warned, if you haven't seen the show, this contains spoilers **
Mystic Falls, Virginia. A small town with a dark history, stretching back to before the tragic Civil War. A nice place to live...if you like
a heavy sense of foreboding and evil undercurrents with a splash of conspiracy mixed in with the picturesque homes, and have a
good supply of vervain handy. This is a place that entices the paranormal to come on in, and stay a bit...

Well over a century ago, a beautiful vampire, Katherine Pierce, set her sights on the attractive young Salvatore brothers, Stefan,
17, and Damon a year or so older, who were residents of Mystic Falls.  She played the brothers off each other; entrancing Stefan
with her vampiric abilities, but Damon needed no help; he fell well and truly in love with the alluring Katherine.  She made both of
them into vampires as well, picturing the 3 of them traveling through time together, but eventually, the townspeople grew tired of
having vampires in their midst, and trapped Katherine, along with 26 other vampires, in the church and set it on fire.

Stefan and Damon weren't among those in the church, and Damon needed to find some way to save his lover, so he made a deal
with her handmaiden, Emily Bennett, a witch. Emily knew she and her family, a long line of witches, would also be persecuted, so in
exchange for her saving Katherine's life, Damon would protect her family forever. Emily's spell also protected the other vampires,
who were all entombed in the crypt under the church.  While the vampires wouldn't perish in the flames, they would be without
blood until released.  Though they would survive,  they would desiccate to a mummy-like state. Their release would come after a
comet passed by Mystic Falls, which would activate an enchanted crystal talisman, owned by Emily and passed down through her

After the fire, the townspeople's lives moved on, and the Bennetts, the Gilberts, the Lockwoods, the Forbes, and even the
Salvatores, become guiding forces in the town, the founding families of Mystic Falls.  Stefan and Damon, torn apart by Katherine's
games, left town, but would come back periodically, drawn to their home.  A male relative would be chosen to live in the Salvatore
Inn, always keeping prepared for Stefan or Damon's return.

145 years have passed since the fire that was supposed to have rid Mystic Falls of their vampires, and a comet is approaching.  
Zach Salvatore is the caretaker at the inn.  Stefan has come home, but found time to stop to help victims of a car accident.  A car
has plunged off a bridge, leaving it's three occupants in a car under water.  He managed to get into the vehicle, was told by the
adult male in the car to take his daughter, who was unconscious, first.  Stefan brought the girl to the surface, and was startled to
see a young woman with an unbelievable resemblance to Katherine; they could be twins.  He went back to the car to try to get the
man and the adult woman out of the car as well, but it was too late for them.

The girl, Elena Gilbert, was found and woke up in the hospital with no memory of how she got there.  Sadly, the adults in the car
were her parents, making the 17-year-old and her 15-year-old brother, Jeremy, orphans.  They’re currently living with their
aunt, Jenna Sommers.

Stefan tried to forget the girl, but couldn’t, and had to find out more about her, and decides to start attending the high school
she does to get to know her better.  He has a very special ring which allows him to be out in the daylight, and he manages to bump
into Elena on his first day; they have an immediate connection.

More soon.....