Q: How do the people that made The Vampire Diaries get away with ripping off the Twilight series?
A:  Ummm, that might be more the other way around - L J Smith Vampire Diaries trilogy of novels were first published in 1991, while
Stephenie Meyer's first
Twilight novel was published in 2005.  Really, the only thing Vampire Diaries might want to thank Twilight for is
a bump in the whole 'teenaged' vampires-thing, that really started back in 1987, with the film
The Lost Boys, which starred some young
people that are still quite well-known, such as
24's Kiefer Sutherland and Jami Gertz, of Still Standing.  If you're a Twilight/Vampire
fan, I heartedly encourage you to watch The Lost Boys, if you haven't already.

Q: Do you get paid to create or maintain your websites? Do you have help?   
A: No, I'm not officially involved with any of the shows I have websites for, I don't get paid, and I do pay for the domain; I try to pay for
the forum as well, but sometimes that falls by the wayside sometimes.. I don't have help, except for the encouragement I get from all of
you. :)  I hate using stuff from other people's sites, and I will always give credit where credit it due.  In any case, if you are here, you
are helping, because seeing the hit counter rise encourages me, and I thank you. :)

Q: Is [insert actor's name here] really in rehab? Who is [insert actor's name here] dating?
A: So, you’re basically asking, when is it okay for us to invade an actor’s privacy? It’s simple: if it’s something thatâ
€™s been made public, pictures have been taken in public, then I think it’s okay to be included here - if an actor, who must
understand that a part of their life is open to their fans because of the profession they’ve embarked on, issues a statement, or
appears at a public function and allows pictures to be taken of themselves, then those statements and pics may appear on my sites.  
Alyssa Milano summed it up once; she and Justin Timberlake had just started dating in late summer/early fall 2002, and a picture was
taken of them leaving his home.  While they were both dressed, and nothing too amazing was going on, it was still a picture taken
without their knowledge - how would you like it if that was done to you?  I know I wouldn’t appreciate someone taking pictures of my
every movement, especially if I didn’t know about it, and, although they’re famous, celebrities are people too.  They are
deserving of privacy, as you or I are.  Alyssa commented to Entertainment Weekly "If celebrities walk down a red carpet, paparazzi
should be allowed to take pictures. If we're walking out of our homes, I am totally against it." So am I, and you won’t find anything
that hasn’t been made public on this site. My only spoilers are about the show, not the actors.