The Mummy, 1999
Rick (Brendan Fraser) and Evie (Rachel Weisz) fall in love
while on an adventure to the mystical city of Hamunaptra.
I'm thinking Imhotep, as portrayed by Arnold Vosloo, has that
wicked little smile his face in the top picture because, unlike his
illustrious predecessor played by the wonderful Boris Karloff, this
mummified, buried alive and reanimated high priest gets to kiss
both his beautiful co-stars, Rachel Weisz (Evie) and Patricia
Velasquez (Anck-su-namun); personally I'd think they'd be the ones
with the smile...
I love this movie.  Story first:  A high priest in Ancient Egypt, Imhotep, falls for a forbidden love, the beautiful
Anck-su-namun, who is [in this version] the favorite conbubine of Pharaoh Seti I.  Imhotep is condemned to be
mummified alive, and is cursed for eternity.  In somewhat modern times, 1923, a French Foreign Legion soldier,
Rick O'Connell, discovers the mythical city of Hamanaptra, City of the Dead, where, legend has it, the pharaoh
kept his treasure.  It is also Imhotep's place of entombment.  Lovely, fiesty, librarian Evelyn Carnahan, and her
rogue brother, Jonathan, learn that Rick knows where Hamanaptra is, and they enlist his aid to find it.  Evie
hopes to find the Book of the Dead for it's archeological value, Jonathan is treasure-seeking, and Rick is along
because he's already started to fall for his pretty benefactress. Besides, he's an adventurer at heart. Along the
way, they run into Rick's old traveling buddy, the conniving Beni, who is leading a group of American
treasure/adventure seekers to the City of the Dead:  Henderson, Daniels and Burns, and their archeological
guide, Dr Chamberlain. The two groups converge on Hamanaptra at about the same time, and the Book of the
Dead is discovered, along with the "juicy" mummy of Imhotep.
Rated PG-13 ~ some
intense scenes, like
scarabs scuttling
under skin;
probably not the
best movie for kids
under 10
[depending on the
kid, of course]

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