Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's
The Lost World
The Storyline
A man runs through a stormy night, frantic, to escape an unknown stalker in a tropical forest.  He stumbles, his assailant catches up to him and his
screams echo in the begins the journey of Professor George Challenger and his party into a lost world, a place of hostile tribes,
dinosaurs, missing link ape-people, fatal plant life, mystical and legendary creatures, and other various friendly and not so friendly occupants!  This
series, shot in Australia, was adapted from the book of the same name, The Lost World, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, with a few additional characters
added, most notably
Marguerite Krux (played by Rachel Blakely), as the mysterious heiress who funds the expedition, and Veronica (Jennifer
O'Dell), a young woman who has been living on her own for over a decade in the lost world, since her parents, early explorers, disappeared.  In 1919,
Challenger (Peter McCauley) discovers the secret of a huge plateau in the middle of the Amazon - that dinosaurs are it's inhabitants!  When he
presents his evidence to a zoological society in London, he is laughed at and called a fraud.  Furious, and determined to prove he is right, he asks for
volunteers to accompany him on an expedition into the jungle, on a perilous river journey, and to ultimately gain the top of the plateau by balloon.   
An extremely skeptical member of the society,
Professor Arthur Summerlee (Michael Sinelnikoff) is persuaded to go on the trip.  Lord John Roxton
Will Snow), a hunter and experienced adventurer enthusiatically offers to go, since bagging a dinosaur would be the ultimate challenge, and an
American reporter,
Ned Malone (David Orth) (Malone is played by Will DeVry in the pilot movie), also jumps at the chance at what could prove to be
the story of the century.   The journey is almost over before it's begun when the zoological society refuses to fund the trip, but then Marguerite
mysteriously appears and offers to finance the whole thing, lock, stock and barrel.  She has remained as mysterious and her motives are not known.  
After the group -Challenger, Summerlee, Roxton, Malone and Marguerite- manage to make their way up the mighty Amazon river, and the plateau
rises above them, they are attacked by a group of very unsocial  tribesmen.  The group quickly gets into the hot-air balloon, and makes the ascent to
the plateau, only to find themselves buffeted by extreme winds, and they crash on top of the plateau.  They meet Veronica soon after, and she
invites them all to her home, a tree-house complex her parents had built.  It is not an exaggeration to say that without Veronica's help and
knowledge, the group would be hard put to survive their involuntary incarceration in the Lost World.  In the meantime, Challenger and Summerlee
are learning to like and respect each other.  Ned and Veronica are finding themselves drawn to each other, as well as Roxton and Marguerite - this
creates an interesting contrast between the fresh, innocent love blossoming between the first, while the second couple are a little older, more
sophisticated, passionate and yet still developing emotionally.  Both women are very independent, for different reasons - survival for Veronica and
wealth for Marguerite - and both men are typical of the time, making for much fireworks all around, in addition to the daily perils our travelers face!   
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