Roxton has a rep as a big game hunter and adventurer, so this dangerous journey to
the top of the plateau was a natural.  His quiet bravado hides a tragic story: he and his
brother were together on a safari when his brother, William, was attacked by an ape.  
Roston shot and killed the ape, but the bullet passed through the ape into William, and
killed him at the same time.
Will Snow is an Australian, and was one
of that country's top male commercial
models - his commercials have aired in
Australia, Italy and the United Kingdom.  
He attended acting courses in Sydney
and LA, and is sometimes credited as
William Snow.  Mr. Snow is also a trained
stunt person.  His birthday is June 15th,
and he's married to his long-time
sweetheart, Kim Kilby, also in the
entertainment business.

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His acting credits include:
Pacific Drive
One Way Ticket
Tales Of  The South Seas
The Lost World (1999) movie
The Lost World (1999-present) series

Dead End
Will Snow is Lord John Roxton


Chat transcript Snow and Orth

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