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Will Snow
Karen: Could you please clear up the fiancée thing? (You don’t have to answer this, obviously, but I had to ask!) There's
been a lot of conjecture within the “fandomâ€�, whether you’re actually just dating Kim, are engaged, or married!  
Believe me, the fans will still love you in any case!
Will: No,  I've never been married or engaged, however I am in a relationship with a really wonderful person, and yes, her
name is Kim, and I don't know how she puts up with me.  I also think she asks herself the same question... Hmmmmm!!!
Recently, I was fortunate enough to be allowed to ask a few questions of our favorite Lost World pleateau residents; Will was
nice enough to answer everything I could quickly think up!

Will Snow/Roxton
Karen: I understand Oz is quite a beautiful, magical place; what do you love the most about Australia?
Will: I guess it would be it's different geography and climates.  Like the USA it has a real diversity of terrain, from one state to the next.  Arid deserts in central Australia, also
called the Red Centre, you have probably heard of Ayres's Rock, the Snowy Mountains in the south of the country, fantastic beaches all the way around it's shores, and lush sub
tropical and tropical rainforests in the north of the country with classic Australian bush to fill the gaps in-between, and the really good thing is I get to share all this with 19
million other people which isn't much considering it's pretty close to the same size as the USA, Oh! and the lifestyle is pretty good as well.  Have I got you all hooked yet ???
Karen: Do you have any pets?
Will: Unfortunately no.  I love animals but for me to own one, with the travel commitments I have, would be unfair firstly to the pet and then me.  I have had cats and dogs in my
life and love both, I really enjoy the bonding that develops between a cat and a dog if you happen to own both. Also I grew up with a fascination for reptiles as a kid and have
owned various lizards and snakes over the years.  Actually the last pet I had was back in 1994 when I was living in LA, it was a Burmese Python called "Snakey", not too original in
the name stakes I know.  He was about 8 feet in length, a gentle soul with a real personality believe it or not.  He cured many of my friends phobias about snakes, I use to take
him swimming in my pool during summer which he would love and my friends would hate, but hey!, it was his house so ... Unfortunately I had to leave him with a collector when I
had to return back to OZ.
Karen: Is Roxton’s hat yours or wardrobe?  I’m not quite sure where the fascination comes in, but I’ve actually had people ask me where you got it, so if you answer
this, it will make several people very happy. :)
Will: Wardrobe’s. The brand of the hat is called ACKUBRA and the style is called Snowy River, named after The Man from Snowy River I assume, otherwise, I might have been
really chuffed with myself.
Karen: I understand you took some acting classes in LA ~ is that true, and would you ever relocate if your career warranted such a change?
Will: Absolutely.  I feel very comfortable in LA and have some very close friends there, so yes when work finishes here in Australia it is very possible, I would move back across,
however, you go to LA to attend auditions and if you do book a job it's highly probable that you will again have to relocate, to do that job elsewhere, hence what I was saying
earlier about pets.
Karen: Do you like the United States; have you seen very much of it?
Will: Yes to both.  I spent three years living in LA and loved it, also spent 4 months in South Beach at Miami.  I actually drove from LA to Miami with a mate which was[?] fun at
the time.  I've explored through Arizona, Texas, Utah, NY, FL, New Mexico, Colorado, and Louisiana.  Like OZ I enjoyed it's geographical diversity, and also what I found
interesting was the dialect differences that occur between people from state to state. This is one thing that tends not to happen so dramatically in Australia.  I've always found
the people in the US as I traveled to be both inquisitive as well as very friendly, and almost everyone seemed to have a genuinely strong desire to visit Australian shores at some
Karen: I understand you’re very much into the stock market.  How do you see the impact of the September 11th attacks on the world economy, factoring in the current
situation, with the Taliban on the run?  Do you find that current political and social world events makes a huge, long term financial impact, or do you think we’ll ~ and I mean
the world, not just the US ~ recover now?
Will: Yes I do have an interest in the Australian market , however it has become increasingly difficult to mix  acting and dabbling in the market, together, soooooo this year, as
long as I'm dodging dino's on a hidden plateau, I remain virtually inactive in stocks, the markets are just too volatile.  To make an uneducated assumption about what happens to
the future of the markets world wide, would be foolish, because I am far from knowing what I am talking about, even the so called experts are divided in what they think will be
the longer term implications, to global economic health.  But the best remedy for kick starting economies is obviously to spend a little money, and it doesn't have to be much,
it's the little things that all add up to something much bigger, just make sure you have some fun doing so.  I think we have all been reminded recently, that life can be far too
short, so treat yourself occasionally, and someone else just for good Karma, and things will undoubtedly get better.  Good to talk to you Karen and can you please pass on our
appreciation to those who watch the show because you guy's keep us all working, and for that we luv ya, CHEERS  Will Snow xo :)
Karen: Thank you, Will!  :)