In London, Summerlee was a skeptic, and ridiculed Chanllenger  - all that
changed quickly after he saw his first dinosaur, and the two men of science
developed respect for each other and a new friendship.  Summerlee's
knowledge of botany and medicine were invaluable on the plateau, but
Summerlee was lost and presumed dead at the beginning of the second
season (see
Save Summerlee page).
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His acting credits include:
The Lost World (Prof. Summerlee) Pilot Movie & Series 1999 -> 2000 - Directed By Richard Franklin
Time At The Top (Mr. Reynolds) - Directed By Jimmy Kaufman
Conan Doyle's Lost World (Prof. Summerlee) 1998 -- Directed By Bob Keen
Taxman (Jeremiah) -- Directed By Alain Zaloum
Criminal Law (Professor Clemens) -- Directed By Martin Campbell
H. P. Lovecraft's Beyond The Wall Of Sleep (Prof. Armitage) - Directed By Raymond St-Jean
If Looks Could Kill (Haywood) -- Directed By William Dear
Voices From A Locked Room (Sir Charles Devlin) -- Directed By Malcolm Clarke
Cursed (Dr. Roberts) -- Directed By Mychel Arseneault
The Final Heist (Mark Bradford) -- Directed By George Mihalka
Day One (Lord Rutherford) -- Directed By Joe Sargent
Barnum (Lord-In-Waiting) Filmline/Halmi/Cbs -- Directed By Lee Phillips
Stalking Danger (Sir Cyril Sharpe) Filmline/Nbc -- Directed By William Friedkin
Choices (Jonathan) Abc/Filmline -- Directed By David L. Rich
Spearfield's Daughter (Dr. Hynde) Metromedia -- Directed By Gilbert Shilton
Mon Ami Max (In French) (Le Vieux Professeur) Les Productions Verseau -- Directed By Michel Brault

Performed Many Leading Roles On The Stage, Ottawa Little Theatre, 1952 - 1956
Winner Of The Dominion Drama Festival 1962: Best Director, Best Actor (Runner-Up), Best Production
("Look Back In Anger") Winnipeg 1962
Many Principal Roles In American And Canadian Feature Films, And Major Tv Productions (Abc, Cbs,
Nbc) 1985 - 1993

Directing/Producing Credits Include:
2 Years With "Festival" (Top National Tv Drama Series) As Story Editor And Freelance
Producer/Director Cbc Toronto ("Willow Circle" ,"Epiphany")
La Poudrière International Theatre, Montreal ("Dear Liar")
Centaur Theatre, Montreal 1975 ("The Real Inspector Hound")
Saidye Bronfman Centre, Montreal ("Awake And Sing")
The Piggery Playhouse, North Hatley, Pq. ("Gaslight" ,"Mixed Doubles" ,"The Secretary Bird", "Dear
Concordia University ("Sleuth") Montreal 1976
Cinema Parallele & Théatre De Quatre Sous ("Macho Man") Montreal 1986
Nova Scotia Drama Festival (Ddf), Seven Awards Including Best Play, Best Director ("Invitation To A
March") 1963

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