Ned is an American reporter who is
obstensibly on this trip for the
story of the century, but he had
another goal as well: to prove to
the woman he thought he loved
that he was brave and heroic.  The
only problem is that he didn't know
there would be a beautiful blonde
on the plateau along with the
. . .
David Orth is Canadian, from Toronto. His
interests include fitness, riding his
motorcyle and spending time with his dog
Rory.  David is married to a former Lost
World crew member, and his birthday is
March 13.

Interesting fact: The prosthetic head mask
he wore to turn into an old man in
"Paradise Found" took five hours to apply
and cost thousands of dollars!

His acting credits include:
Labor Of Life
FX The Series
Hidden Room
Beyond Reality
Class Of 96
Secret Service
Ray Bradbury Theatre
The Lost World (1999-present) series
David Orth is Ned Malone

Chat transcript5/19/01

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