My interview with
Jennifer O'Dell

Jennifer O'Dell/Veronica
Note from Karen: This interview was conducted via e-mail, but based on our correspondence, and some inside info from Michael Sinelnikoff, I can easily say that Ms.
O'Dell is, well, a nice person! I got the impression of an honest, sweet individual, who probably smiles alot.  And any animal lover gets a big ole gold star in my
book!  Enjoy...

Karen: If you had three homes, what kind of homes would they be and where would you want them? I know you probably have a place in
California, as well as the accomodations the show provides in Australia, but I mean if you could have any kind of home anywhere, what
would you want?
Jennifer: Well I haven't traveled to Europe yet and I know I'll just love it. For some reason I'm drawn [to] the south of France. So I guess
one would be there.  Another in California, probably in Pacific Palisades.  And I'm not quite sure about the other one. Its hard for me to
get past thinking about ONE, since I have yet to buy my first house, let alone [three].  But being a Sagittarius I'm a devoted traveler and
would love to have homes all over the globe.  I love new cultures.

Karen: What kind of car do you drive?
Jennifer: Well, because of my travels back and forth from California to Australia I don't have one! I was driving a black Ford Explorer.  I
love utility vehicles, especially the ones that have come out over the past two years.

Karen: Do you have pets?  If you could own any kind of animal in the world, what would it be, and why?
Jennifer: Yes I have a female Persian [cat], 'Ciara'. She's my pride and joy. I'm also a devoted animal lover. If I could own any animal... I'd
probably have a farm!  But I do love cats and dogs the best. When I was young we always had a family cat or dog or both. I do love
tropical fish tanks too.  But because I do love animals so much, I don't think many other animals besides cats and dogs should be 'kept'.
Most other wild animals belong just there, in the wild.
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