Challenger is a scholar and something of a glory seeker, holding himself above
others, but in
The Lost World, he is  gaining humility and humanity.  His
specialties of earth and mechanical science help the travelers often.
Mr. McCauley is an Australian, and attended the National
Drama School of New Zealand.  He has worked as an editor in
film production for the BBC, as well as working as an actor in
film, theatre and television.  He also managed a rock group,
but his hobby and passion is horses.  His wife is Catherine
Wilkin, who is one of Australia's most respected actresses (you
can see her in Richard Franklin's Brilliant Lies.  Mr. Fanklin has
directed much of
The Lost World.)  Peter McCauley's birthday
is March 8th.

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His acting credits include:

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea [miniseries]
Blue Heelers
Tales Of The South Seas
The Man From Snowy River
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World
[Pilot movie  and

The Interview
A State Of Siege
Aces Go Places
Middle Age Spread
Peter McCauley is
Professor George

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