Maple White ~ the doomed man whose death and belongings started Challenger on his quest to find The Lost World and it's inhabitants. Seen in the first part of the pilot The
Journey Begins
and S-2 episode Survivor
Assai [Laura Vazquez]~ friend of Veronica's, daughter of the chieftain of the Zanga tribe.  Now considered holy by her tribe, having survived brief captivity by the
Ape-people.  Married to Jarel.
Recurring character
Zanga ~ a tribe first  seen in the pilot. The tribe's chieftain lusted after Veronica, and had her delivered to him by Marguerite in exchange for jewels and the details of one way
off the plateau  Fortunately, his daughter Assai put an end to that quickly, and not so fortunately the cavern sheltering the route out collapsed just as the group was entering
and was closed off.
Recurring group
Ape-people ~ literally something like a missing link, these hairy human-shaped creatures are a constant threat to the travelers.  Starting in the second season, they
were referred to as "neanderthals"  
Seen in many epsiodes
Marguerite Krux [Rachel Blakely] ~ Marguerite is a mysterious, wealthy woman with a talent for self-preservation, and appeared at first to be a cold ,
unfeeling person. She is revealing herself to be instead a complex person, with a talent for communication and ancient languages and a soft spot for a certain
Regular cast member
Lord John Roxton [Will Snow] ~ Roxton has a reputation as a big game hunter and adventurer, so the dangerous journey to the top of the plateau was a
natural; bagging a dinosaur was his dearest wish.. .until he met a mysterious dark-haired beauty… His bravado hides a tragic story: he and his brother were
together on a safari when his brother, William, was attacked by an ape. Roxton shot and killed the ape, but the bullet passed through the ape into William,
and killed him at the same time  
Regular cast member
Veronica Layton [Jennifer O'Dell] ~ Veronica was left to survive by herself in the savage Lost World as a child when her parents, who were early explorers
there, went out one day a decade earlier to collect specimens, and never returned. Luckily they had constructed a treehouse complex, high above the
dinosaurs and other vicious beasts which tend to roam around! Her knowledge of the plateau and survival skills have proved invaluable to the travelers.
cast member
Veronica ~ See "Veronica Layton"
Tribune ~ Tribune’s people are an example of what happens if an evolutionary step would’ve been off a little.  They are lizard or dinosaur-like in
appearance, although they do walk upright and speak, rather well, and they feel humans are sub-lizard.  His first appearance was in the very beginning of the first
season, and he has appeared several times since.  He and the travelers have developed a somewhat uneasy truce between them, since they have several common
enemies.  He’s not really to be trusted, although Roxton did earn a certain amount of respect when they were chained together during “The Gamesâ€�
Recurring character
Professor Arthur Summerlee [Michael Sinelnikoff] ~ In London, Summerlee, a widower, scientist and fellow member of the London Zoological Society,
was a skeptic and ridiculed Challenger when the Lost World story was first presented. It was suggested he go on the expedition to prove Challenger wrong, in
fact. All that changed quickly after he saw his first dinosaur, and the two men of science developed respect for each other and a new friendship. Summerlee's
knowledge of botany and medicine were invaluable on the plateau, but Summerlee was lost and presumed dead at the beginning of the second season (see
Save Summerlee page). Regular S1 cast member ||  Current status: MIA
Professor George Challenger [Peter McCauley] ~ Challenger is a scholar and somewhat of a glory seeker, holding himself above others, but in The Lost
World, he is gaining humility and humanity. He’s a fierce and loyal man with a strong sense of right and wrong. His specialty of earth and mechanical science
help the travelers often. [
Note: in the book, Challenger was married, but I don’t think that’s ever been solidly established on the television show.] Regular
cast member
Ned Malone [David Orth] ~ Ned is an American reporter who is ostensibly on this trip for the story of the century, but he had another goal as well: to prove to
the woman he thought he loved, Gladys, that he was brave and heroic. The only problem is that he didn't know there would be a beautiful blonde on the plateau
along with the monsters...
Regular cast member
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ~ In 1912 Conan Doyle  (1859-1930), the world famous author, wrote “The Lost World,â€� the classic novel this television show is based
The London Zoological Society ~ The Zoological Society facilitates the communication of data and ideas between professional zoologists, researchers and the general public,
through the publication of journals and books and a regular program of meetings. (For the real, modern-day society that TLW’s is based on
click here.)
Plateau ~ An extensive area of flat upland usually bounded by an escarpment on all sides but sometimes enclosed by mountains. Plateaus, being high,
often create their own local climates.

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