My interview with Rachel Blakely
who portrays Marguerite Krux
What "type" of man is attractive to you; what are you looking for?
Type of man.  Wow! Who ever really knows until they meet the person.  I can say I am attracted to the rugged more than pretty, but that’s on a physical note.  I also
want someone whose company I enjoy 24/7, who is kind to animals and kids, who laughs at my stupid behavior, makes me tea in bed, brings me flowers for no reason in
particular, but also has his own life; not too much to ask is it? Is it, is it?!!

Do you like to watch or play sports?
I have never enjoyed watching sports on TV but watching live is a totally different experience.  From the lone surfer at sunset to a manic rugby game, the atmosphere makes
it for me, and I just don’t get that from the box.  I’m ashamed to say I don’t play a sport, but do enjoy bike riding, golf and love a long, long walk.  Guess I’m not
much of a team player, huh…

Do you like animals, and do you have any pets?
I grew up on a farm, so tend to love all farm animals, and Discovery and National Geographic are two of my favorite channels.  I have had horses, dogs, cats, calfs, etc, but at
the moment [have] only one cat.  His name is Friday, but we call him Fat Cat as, like his owner, he just loves food.

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time? Any hobbies?
My favorite things to do in my free time are sleep (top priorty), cook, read, talk to family and friends, sew, paint, go out for lunch and dinner, cook, eat, cook, eat, sleep.  
Good grief, I sound so boring; I wish I could say sky dive or mountain climbing, but I am trying to be honest here.  Oh, and then of course, I love to shop.

What kind of music do you listen to?  What’s in your CD player right now?
[My] musical taste is as of yet quite basic.  Sly and the Family Stone, Powder Finger, Eagle Eye Cherry, Tom Jones, Shawn Mullins, Adam Cohen – you get the idea.  Easy,
beautiful male voices, the one female concession [is] Erykah Badu.  However, the crew is always introducing me to new CD’s.

Do you have any strange or unusual quirks?
I have an absurd dislike of wooden ice cream sticks, can’t touch ‘em with my hands or my tongue.  I have to wrap the paper around them.  Also wooden spoons must
be wet to use; to me it’s like other people’s chalkboard and nails.

Who’s been the one person with the most influence on your life?
My father, without a doubt.  My mum died when I was 12 and he has been mother, father, teacher, confidante, security blanket and, apart from my beautiful sister, my sole
reason for living through many hard times.  An incredible, intelligent, sensitive man.

If you could meet anyone, from the past or present, who would it be and why?
Jesus.  So many questions not just I, but so many others would like to ask.  It all comes down to why are we here.  Could He answer this or not.  Religion or politics are
never “safe� topics but no matter one’s beliefs, I feel he would be an amazing dinner companion.

What is your family like?  Do you have a big or small family?  Do you want children of your own?
My immediate family consists of one amazing father and one beautiful sister, however, my dad has eight brothers and sisters in the States, and I have a few auntys and uncles
here in Oz.  Of course, stretch that out to cousins and it becomes huge!  I don’t know them all hence the importance of my dad and sis in my life.  And, yes, of course I
desparately want my own family one day.

We’ve heard that you were married, but are amicably divorced. Do you have a boyfriend? There was a rumor going around about a stuntman at The Lost World…
Yes, all of the questions [are] correct.

Someone asked why you gave up your US citizenship; apparently your father was an American? They thought you might not be interested in acting jobs here, that now youâ
€™ll need a work permit and a visa. Are you interested in doing American TV and/or films in the future?
My father is still an American and so am I.  I did not give up citizenship, simply gained dual with Australia.  I have lived here since 12 years of age, and felt it was time to
show my loyalty to a country that had given me so much.  Having said that, I am half American and would not renounce that for the world; it is part of my heritage and ill
always be. As for future work in the U.S., I have just finished a movie for Turner called Attack on the Queen with Rob Estes and Joe Lando
[Note from Karen: This tele-film
was renamed Counterstrike, was shown in March of 2003, and is available on DVD.]
, so U.S. TV is still happening, and film…who knows?  I should be so lucky.

What jobs did you have before you became an actress and did you like them?
I cleaned a printing press, I chipped weed out of cotton, I drove tractors, I modeled and I worked as a short order cook.  Also as a door bouncer for a nightclub and, yes,
there were actually parts of all of them that I loved, and parts that I hated.  Acting, however, it’s only the 4 AM starts I hate.

Did you always want to be an actress? How did you become an actress? What would you have done if you couldn't have been an actress?
Acting actually never crossed my mind until my ex suggested I audition for a role in an Aussie soap opera that was coming up.  I got the role and really have not stopped
since.  If I was not doing this today,  I don’t know.  I have always been obsessed with children and clothes.  So either a kindergarten teacher, child psychologist or an
incredibly famous, talented fashion designer.  Yeah, right!  More likely still chipping cotton.  None of this is still out of the question, I’m young, I still love kids, and who
knows, I may fulfill some dreams one day soon.

Are you talented in other areas? Do you sing, dance, paint…?
Yes, I sing in the car, the radio is loud and I sound great, however when my partner turns it down I realize how out of tune I am!  Like everyone, I’m wonderful on the
road trip.  I do however seriously try to paint and have a few hanging in my home.  Unfortunately though[, I] have not been able to con my friends into a hanging space yet.

There are a little specific, but two fans wanted to know if you saw Gladiator, and if you know any deaf people?
Gladiator, yes, yes, yes; I loved it, especially Joaquin Phoenix.  [I've] seen it three times now.  I have a cousin who lives in the states who is deaf.  I saw her when I was a
very little girl, but always remember being impressed at how easy she made everything seem.  Dad tells me she now loves motorbikes and spends a lot of time riding, but I
have not seen her for 25 years.

How long have you known Will Snow? What would you say about him, what kind of person he is? Do you enjoy the different predicaments that you and Will/Roxton are
often placed in?
I have known Will for about five years and he is a very private person, so I won’t divulge too much.  Sufficient to say he is even better looking and more gorgeous in real
life.  An absolute dream to be around and work with.  Extremely loyal and a wonderful friend, has often helped me in a crisis, and I could not say enough about his
generosity as an actor.  An absolute dream!  I adore the time when Will and I have eps together, and all I can say is, don’t you see it on the screen?  I do. The Outlaw and
The Visitor are my personal faves, as I love the Rox, Marg relationship – it’s so much fun to play.

How hard is it to play Marguerite? What do you like most about the character? What do you like the least?
Marguerite is a dream character.  When I get a script I am always so excited to turn the page and see what she says or does next.  I adore the way they write her, although
Will and I do play against script a lot.  [For example, a] fight scene we make flirty, or off-hand remark we try to make count in some other way.  I love her mystery and the
fact they can keep introducing different parts of her character and past.  She is an unknown quantity, just when you think you have her all worked out she does something
totally off the wall.  To tell you the truth, there is nothing I actually dislike about playing her; even the most annoying traits for you, are a blast for me to play.  Just think â
€¦  who in real life gets to behave like Marguerite?

How did you feel when you received the news that Michael Sinelnikoff would be leaving the show for an indefinite amount of time?
Very sad.  His Summerlee was a delight.  The kind of sweet, interesting man you would love to live next door to you.

What do you do to stay focused on the set? How do you perform some of those scenes that are serious when you JUST KNOW that you’d like to break out laughing,
besides being a professional?
It’s pretty easy as we generally have no time to lose focus, but as absurd as it may sound, I put my fingers in my ears to block out the extraneous noise, look like a twit
but it gets the job done.  There was one time when I was doing a scene with Will.  I could not stop laughing, I mean really could not. It was his close up and I kept saying
sorry, but to no avail.  I was so hysterical that I actually started crying.  Also, I was so disappointed in myself that I was sobbing but laughing hysterically at the same time,
thattrying to stop, of course, made it worse. The director looked at me like I was an alien, and poor Will kept saying “That’s alright, that’s alright.â€�  I really do
owe him one after that. Otherwise there is always the option of biting the inside of your mouth till it bleeds (a known cure).

It seems that Australian actors are much better known internationally than in their own country. Do you agree with that statement and if you do, do you think there are
benefits to this, like less unwanted attention in your daily life?
Hard to say. Generally, I can only speak for myself. I am fairly recognizable in Oz and Britain, Europe, from a TV series called Neighbours; who knows, maybe even in the
states also after TLW.  However as a nation we tend to be proud of those who succeed overseas, and are actually quite aware when it occurs.  As for attention, if it is from
genuine interest and people are nice about it, it's never in my opinion unwanted.  I don't understand anyone not appreciating a kind word from anyone, stranger or friend.

What part of Australia do you like the best? If you could have three homes, anywhere, where would they be? What kind of dwellings would they be (i.e. ~ apartment, ranch,
townhouse, penthouse)?
I love Melbourne as I have lived there for most of my adult life, but if I could have three places to call home the seaside and mountains would also be hard to resist.  So, a
house with plenty of room for kids, pets, etc., a cabin with log fire, and a little beach hut.

How much "free rein," or input do the actors have with their characters?  How much of Marguerite’s character have you developed yourself?
I would like to think I had a lot of input creating Marguerite, as I always try to make my interpretation of the dialogue and situations as fresh and unpredictable as possible.
Having said that I do say what I am given, and I believe the writers have a wonderful understanding of her, and I'm sure there are times when we influence each other,
maybe without even knowing it.  She is the role I have always wanted, so I make sure, I, at least, am never bored with myself.

Whom do you feel closest to on the cast of The Lost World?
Oooh, so hard, what a question.  It's like choosing a favorite child.  Impossible!

Was it your own idea to bring in the "swashbuckling" side to Marguerite we’ve seen in episodes like The Outlaw and Pirate’s Curse? I know from different interviews
that you’ve received training in the use of swords. Could you make a comment about that? Is it part of your exercise routine?
It was not my idea but I absolutely adore it when they add another small dimension to her character, and always embrace it, especially if it adds to the mystery.  I have had
some sword training for a previous film (fabulous exercise) but never tend to continue any form of aggressive training I do.  I have also used martial arts and boxing, but I
would rather go for a long walk or bike ride on a daily basis for fitness.  Oh yes, [and I] am always happy on a horse ~ what a buzz.

Do you ever go online to check out the Lost World sites and message boards?
No, I don't, but a friend told me I should, as people have many positive and constructive things to say.  I think maybe I'm a bit scared to see what fans actually think of my
baby Marguerite. I'll get braver, I'm sure.

Do you know anything about a third season for The Lost World? If The Lost World doesn't get renewed, what would be your next step ~ would you like to find another
series, or a movie, or...?
No idea; hope it goes again because it’s so much fun to shoot, but if it doesn’t such is life and I have no idea what will present itself.  Whatever happens I know I have
the ability to live in a tent or a mansion, and I will be happy.  (Father’s teachings rubbing off.)

[Note from Karen: Of course, we know now that there will be a third season, and Rachel has already been on set for about a week.  Rachel mailed this on August 8th, I received
it on about the 15th, and shooting for season three started on the 13th ; we all know how uncertain the fate of
The Lost World was.]

Thank you Rachel, and I hope you do venture onto the boards and into the sites; I think you'll be pleased. :)

Marguerite/Rachel Blakely

Contact me
How tall are you?  What's your favorite color, food, movies, television shows?
170 cm (about 5'6").  Color, red.  Food, just about any, I love to shop for it, plan menus, cook it, and above all eat it. Movie, a French film
called Queen Margot, absolutely stunning .  Second fav, Breaking the Waves.TV, West Wing, Action and anything that makes me laugh;
Yes, Prime Minister, The Games, Absolutely Fabulous.