Prospective sites

Television series:
4/10/16: At this time, I have no active plans for new TV sites, as
I'm in the midst of updating the
entire domain!  I left a couple of
years back due to life demands, and have come back to a mess!  Until
I have everything updated and under control, I won't be including any
new content.  

Compilation (i.e. ...In Entertainment) sites:
Next up is Monsters In Entertainment  This site wiuld include classic
monsters like Frankenstein's creature and werewolves,

natural monsters, like the shark in Jaws, as well as 'man-made'
monsters, like Norman Bates, and anything in between, like the ants
in Them.
 Update as of 4/10/16 - as noted above, all new material is
on hold while I make domain-wide updates!