The sites on this domain, SolitaryPhoenix, for the most part, are unofficial appreciation websites, created and maintained by a simple fan. I am in no way
associated with any of the television series, films, or publishing companies whose products are included here, or any of the companies involved in
production, or anyone associated with the show.

I do not intend to infringe on anyone's€™s copyrights, just display my own appreciation of these films, series, books and any other entertainment media
included here, and provide other fans with a place to come for accurate and up-to-date information.  Anything found on this domain, including any images,
are items that I
've put into a format for this site, but the images, stories, and the characters involved are owned by the respective production, distribution
and publishing companies involved.

The images found on this domain have been gathered from various resources, most of which are publicity stills or other pictures that have been released
specifically for public consumption.  I do sometimes have to work on the images, whether it
's to cut down to highlight a specific character/actor or to use
an effect for a banner, so please do not take any image without asking for permission.

Last, but certainly not least, if any official representative of any of the television series, films or books I've included on my websites views a site, and feels
've done anything except further publicize and show appreciation for their product, and intends to attempt to shut down the site, please contact me
first, so you can let me know how to correct my unintended copyright or other error; thank you in advance for the courtesy.  A great deal of time and love
has gone into all my sites, and I'd just assume work with you then have to see a big chunk of the precious time of my life be a big waste.  I personally
believe fan sites like mine are a good thing, providing an outlet and resource for loyal fans and additional ---free--- publicity for you.

Endorsements and Commercial links
This is a privately created, owned, and maintained domain, and I do pay for domain space and for the forum, so while there are no irritating pop-up ads
throughout SolitaryPhoenix, I do include banners to various organizations whose cause I support, or businesses that have been selected to be included
here.  If there is a business ad included, yes, it usually means I am in their affiliate program, but [ believe me! ], the rare proceeds do not even cover the
cost of the web space.  There are banners throughout the sites for a page I wrote up about spaying and neutering your pets, and keeping them leashed.  I
have links to organizations like Planned Parenthood and the Humane Society on the
About Me links which are on the main pages of all the sites.  The causes
and organizations are those I personally believe in; this does not mean that any of the companies that produce the television shows and movies, or the
actors themselves, or anyone involved with same companies or individuals that are the subject of my sites support or believe in the same things.  The
opinions and endorsements you see throughout the domain are mine, and mine alone, unless otherwise noted.

Links, in general
SolitaryPhoenix permits other websites to link to our sites, and we include links and banners to other websites here, however, this does not imply
endorsement of products or services on those sites, or the opinions or endorsements expressed on those sites..

Privacy policy
This privacy statement applies to information collected on our websites only. There are several places on our site where we link to other websites or to
services hosted by other websites. Please be advised that the privacy policies on other sites may not be consistent with our own, and we encourage you
to read the privacy policy of a website before engaging in transactions with that site or giving out your personal information -- be cautious.
Information Collection: We may collect personally identifiable information;
"personally identifiable" refers to information that could be used to contact a
person, such as full name, home address, email address, and/or telephone number. Any personally identifiable information collected online at any
SolitaryPhoenix site is provided entirely on a voluntary basis by our visitors, in areas involving voluntary transactions such as making a donation online,
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not sell, rent, or exchange personal information collected online on our websites.

Our sites and  forums/bulletin boards are intended for adults, for the most part, although there is usually nothing objectionable included on any of the
sites.  The forum is monitored for objectionable content, but not 24 hours a day; if anything is discovered, it is deleted.  We cannot be responsible for the
content of websites outside of the SolitaryPhoenix sites, including any internet sites we are linked to.

Copyright Information
All original content published on this website is protected by copyright. Materials that are copyrighted may not be reproduced, retransmitted or
distributed without the written consent of If permission is granted to reproduce materials from this site, we ask that credit be
given as instructed.

Conversely, if you believe we have infringed on a copyright or included any content here without properly giving credit, please
contact us; when we do
include any content that is not totally original and exclusive, we make every effort to properly give correct credit.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or other practices, please email us at
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