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Q: Who wrote the title soundtrack for Medium?
A: That would be Emmy-winning composer and concert musician Jeff Beal, who has also composed music for Monk, Carnivà le, TNT's
TV-movie Door to Door, and many other telvision and film projects.  
Click here for his page on IMDB for a more complete listing.

Q: Is [insert actor's name here] really in rehab? Who is [insert actor's name here] dating?
A: So, you’re basically asking, when is it okay for us to invade an actor’s privacy? It’s simple: if it’s something thatâ
€™s been made public, pictures have been taken in public, then I think it’s okay to be included here - if an actor, who must
understand that a part of their life is open to their fans because of the profession they’ve embarked on, issues a statement, or
appears at a public function and allows pictures to be taken of themselves, then those statements and pics may appear on my
sites.  Alyssa Milano summed it up once; she and Justin Timberlake had just started dating in late summer/early fall 2002, and a
picture was taken of them leaving his home.  While they were both dressed, and nothing too amazing was going on, it was still a
picture taken without their knowledge - how would you like it if that was done to you?  I know I wouldn’t appreciate someone
taking pictures of my every movement, especially if I didn’t know about it, and, although they’re famous, celebrities are
people too.  They are deserving of privacy, as you or I are.  Alyssa commented to Entertainment Weekly "If celebrities walk down a
red carpet, paparazzi should be allowed to take pictures. If we're walking out of our homes, I am totally against it." So am I, and
you won’t find anything that hasn’t been made public on this site. My only spoilers are about the show, not the actors.

Q: Do you get paid to create or maintain your websites? Do you have help?   
A: No, I'm not officially involved with any of the shows I have websites for, I don't get paid, and I do pay for the domain and for
high-speed access. I don't have help, except for the encouragement I get from all of you. :)  I am, however, always looking for
people to help me out with content and pictures, so if you can do something for me in that area, please contact me.  I hate using
stuff from other people's sites, and I will always give credit where credit it due.  In any case, if you are here, you are helping,
because seeing the hit counter rise encourages me, and I thank you. :)
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