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Main ~ Cast ~ Recurring characters
Allison Dubois is the
mother of three little girls,
and wife of Joe, an
aerospace engineer. They
have a happy, somewhat
suburban, life.  Allison
was studying law, but
discovers that she's not
cut out to be a lawyer ~
she tends to know for
sure when people are
telling lies or the truth.  
In fact, Allison is able to
'read' people, has dreams
of past and future
occurences, and visions of
dead people. She's been
having these types of
experiences since
childhood, but has
resisted acknowledging it.
Allison can see the future,
and know the past, and is
struggling with this 'gift'.
In working for the district
attorney, who has found
Allison's psychic ability is
usually an invaluable aid
to him, she's found a
place to use her gift well.
Patricia's son, Enzo Rossi, and her current
husband, then  fiance, Thomas Jane, taken
6/18/03, at the LA premiere of Charlie's Angels:
Full Throttle
Photo credit: Gregg DeGuire,