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Important: I've gotten
e-mails from people telling
me to go to other fan sites
for spoilers, or providing
them to me.  Thank you,
but aside from the fact that
I do not use non-public
content or pics, or take
spoilers from other fan
sites, most of those sites
also make a point of
saying not to take their
spoilers to be used on
other fan sites!  There are
some people out there that
have an "in", a friend or
family member that have
access to episode
information, which I do not,
and they will always have
bigger and better spoilers,
unless I start getting inside
info for
Lost from a similiar
'inside' source. I know it
drives me crazy when
people take content and
pictures from my sites
without permission or giving
me credit, and I will not do
that to any other fan site.  
Please keep this in mind if
you send me spoilers or
spoiler sources.  Thank you!

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