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Greg Grunberg guest starred as the plane's pilot, in the first hour of the series premiere, before the invisible monster tossed
him around. You know him from
Felicity, Alias, and of course, Heroes,  as well as roles in films like Hollow Man. Series creator
J.J. Abrams [who was also behind
Felicity and Alias] and Grunberg have known each other since they were kids.
Recurring characters
FYI: I define recurring
characters as those who
have appeared at least
three times and made a
significant contribution to
the storyline.  If you believe
a character needs to be
here and
isn't, please
contact me, to let me know
the error of my ways.  ;)
L. Scott Caldwell has appeared several times as Rose, and in S2, she and husband Bernard had an episode
focussing on them. We learned that Rose has terminal cancer, and let her husband believe a faith-healer in
Oz cured her, not wanting to disappoint him.  Rose was sitting near
Jack in the plane just prior to the crash,
and he told her he'd keep her company while her husband went to the rest room, and then fate stepped in.  
The next time Jack saw Rose, she was prone on the beach, and he was treating her injuries. Bernard and
Rose were reunited when the tail section group was brought together with the bigger group of survivors.  
She's recently let Bernard know that the faith healer couldn't help her ~ but the island has.  Roxe is also the
only person so far who knows Locke was formerly confined to a wheelchair.
L. Scott is a prolific actress.  She's appeared in on- and off-Broadway shows, and in fact won a Tony Award for
her role in Joe Turner's "Come & Gone."  L.Scott has appeared in many films {Without A Trace, The Net,
Devil In A Blue Dress,and Mystery, Alaska] and television series, including Judging Amy, NipTuck and ER.
Fredric Lane guest starred as Marshal Edward Mars, in the first several episodes of season one, as well as in
flashback. He was escorting
Kate back to the US when the plane went down, and we've learned he played quite the
nasty game of cat and mouse with her for awhile.  He was injured badly, and died a mercy-killing at
Jack's hands.  
Lane has appeared in over forty films and guest-starred on several TV series.
John Terry has appeared as Jack's father, Dr.
Christian Shephard, numerous times, and in
addition to being a castaway's parent, he is also
connected to 2 of the others, so far.  He met Sawyer
in a bar in Australia, and they had an enlightening
discussion, in which he mentions his pride in his
son.  We also learned that Ana Lucia came to Oz
with Christian, who also met her in a bar, He
explained that he needed a bodyguard on his
journey, and that an ex-cop would be perfect for his
needs. We recently learned that Christian is also
Claire's father, from a brief relationship he had with
her mother.  She met him twice, but never knew his
name, so she and Jack don't yet know they're
John Terry has been acting for a couple of decades,
making appearances in many films, both cinema
and for television, and has guest starred or recurred
in TV series like
ER and Law and Order.
William Mapother is Ethan Rom, who we eventually learned was a doctor and an Other.  He posted as a castaway,
and kidanpped Claire, tried to kill Charlie.  When Claire was eventually freed by Alex, Ethan tried to get her back
by threatening to kill a castway daily untl she was returned.  Ethan was set-up, was shot by the musician after he
was captured by Charlie, Locke, Jack, Kate, Sayid, and Sawyer.
Mapother was picked by J.J.Abrams to be Ethan, he didn't have to audition, and, yes, he is Tom Cruise's first
cousin; their father's are brothers, Cruise's full name is Thomas Cruise Mapother.  His first role was in one of his
cousin's films [Born on the Fourth of July], and he has appeared in a few others {MI:II, Minority Report, Vanilla
Sky] but he clearly has no need for name dropping and is doing well on his own! William was born in Louisville,
KY on April 17, 1965, and before becoming an actor, William was a high school teacher for three years,
Mira Furlan is Danielle Rousseau.
Kevin Tighe is Anthony Cooper, Locke's father.
Daniel Roebuck is Leslie Arzt.
Sam Anderson is Bernard, Rose's husband of just a short time.  He's a dentist, and
married her even after she told him as he proposed, that she was fatally ill, having less
than a year to live. Bernard brought Rose to Australia on their honeymoon, but he had
an ulterior motive; he wanted her to meet with a faither healer.  He was stranded in the
tail section, and was reunited with Rose after he, Libby, Ana Lucia and Eko, along with
Jin, Michael and Sawyer, managed to unite with the other Flight 815 survivors.
Sam Anderson would be familiar to many
SolitaryPhoenix viewers, because he's
appeared on
Medium and Angel.  He's also guest-starred on WKRP in Cincinnati, St.
Elsewhere, Remington Steele, Magnum, P.I., Dallas, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Alien
Nation, Growing Pains, Picket Fences, Murder, She Wrote, Boston Common, The X Files,
Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, CSI: Miami, Judging Amy, Without A Trace, CSI
, and
more!  He's also appeared in a ton of films, for both big and small screen.  Sam has
taught drama at college-level, and is the father of twins.