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Full name:
Walter Lloyd
Occupation: Student
Marital status: Single - a minor
Traits and characteristics: Intelligent || Independent
His secret: May have power to 'make' things happen
Reason for being lost: Michael was bringing Walt to his home in LA
Other points of interest: Father, Michael, also survived.  Walt's
dog, Vincent, was found by
Locke. Walt's mother, Susan
Lloyd-Porter, whom he lived with in Australia, died shortly before
the crash; his father was taking him home to LA.  Walter's
stepfather, who'd been with Susan much of Walt's life, decided
being a single father would be too difficult for him, so he gave up
any custody claim to Walt; the boy doesn't know this because
Michael didn't tell him.
Walt was been kidnapped by the "Others', but Michael soon
followed, became a captive himself, and made the choice to
cooperate - no matter what the cost, which included the lives of
Ana Lucia and Libby, and the freedom of Jack, Sawyer, and Kate -
to get Walt back.  Ben held up his end of the deal, and allowed
Michael and Walt to sail away, supposedly free and homeward
Malcolm David Kelley || Walt
Main || Cast || Recurring characters
Malcolm David Kelley was born on May 12,
1992 in Bellflower, CA, and is a show-biz vet,
having worked since the age of 5 in
commericals, television [
Eve, Judging Amy,
Girlfriends, Malcolm in the Middle, For Your
], and film, including Antwone Fisher
and You Got Served.  Malcolm and his
sioster were both adopted out of foster care
by the Kelleys, when he was less than a year
old.  He's active in sports, ejoying soccer
and basketball, and was a Student
Ambassador, helping to represent the US in
the United Kingdom with People to People
Student Ambassadors, an organization
founded by President Dwight D. Eisenhower
.  .