Full name:
James "Sawyer" Ford
Occupation: Con man
Marital status: Single
Traits and characteristics: Survivor || Contradictory
His secret: Was present when his father killed his mother, and
when his father then committed suicide; took the name of the
man that drove his father to these tragic acts.  Was tricked into
killing an 'innocent' man, whom he was told was "Sawyer"
Reason for being lost: In Australia to kill "Sawyer", he was on his
way back to the States after killing the wrong man
Other points of interest: He and Kate have had sex, and he's
not only sacrificed of himself, but made it clear he loves her.
Apparently has a daughter by Cassidy, an ex-flame and con
Josh Holloway || Sawyer
Main || Cast || Recurring characters
Josh Holloway, is 6'2", and, sadly, married.  Yes, married.  [sigh]  
Oh, well one can always dream... Anyway, he was born on July 20,
1969, in California, but his family moved to Georgia when he was
just a baby.  While attending University of Georgia, he bagan a
successful modeling career, which lead to acting.  One of his first
roles was a small part on the first episode of
Angel, and since then
he's also appeared on
Walker, Texas Ranger, CSI: Crime Scene
Investigation, Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service
Good Girls Don't... He also co-starred in Sabertooth, which airs on
SCI FI Channel, and is the first place I remember seeing Josh,
definitely stood out.