Full name:
Michael Dawson
Occupation: Construction engineer
Marital status: Unknown; not marrried to Walt's mother
Traits and characteristics: Tenacious || Short-tempered, but quick
to make amends
His secret: He didn't tell Walt that his stepfather, Brian Porter,
didn't want him, instead said he told Porter he couldn't have
custody of Walt
Reason for being lost; Bringing Walt back to LA to live with him,
after the boy's mother, Susan, died
Other points of interest: Son, Walt, also survived. Took credit for
finding Walt's dog, when
Locke actually did.  An artist and
construction worker, his skills have been extremely helpful. In a
bizarre twist, after Walt was taken by the Others, Michael took off
after him, was captured, and told he had to release Ben and bring
back Kate, Jack, Sawyer and Hurley, in order to get Walt back.  
Ana Lucia and Libby were casualties of his crazed attempt to get
Walt back.  After delivering his friends up to Ben and the Others,
he and Walt were allowed to sail away, supposedly home.
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