Full name:
Jack Shepherd
Occupation: Doctor
Marital status: Was married to fomer patient Sara
Traits and characteristics: Strength || Intense
His secret: None known
Reason for being lost: Transporting his father's body
back to LA
Other points of interest: Forthcoming...
Matthew Fox || Jack
Main || Cast || Recurring characters
Matthew Fox was born on July 14, 1966 in Crowheart, Wyoming, where his family owned a ranch.  He received a Bachelor of Arts in
Economics from Columbia University on a football scholarship, but decided to get involved in acting after a friend recommended he
try modeling, which led to acting roles.  Jack is 6'2", and he married Margherita Ronchi in 1991. The couple have 2 children, a boy
and a girl. The family is living on the Hawaiian island of Oahu while the show is in prodcution, which is apparently not a problem for
them as Hawaii has been a favorite vacation spot for some time.

Matthew has already been the lead actor in four television series, including
Lost, Haunted [which I totally enjoyed, btw], Freshman
, and Party of Five; the latter show is the one that gave him name recognition. Hopefully, Lost will be the one that makes him a
household name. :)  He's already been nominated for the 2004 People's Choice Award for favorite male TV star, [although he lost
to Matt Le Blanc] for this role.