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Full name:
Hugo Reyes
Occupation: mulit-millionaire entrepreneur
Marital status: Single
Traits and characteristics: Warm-hearted ||
His secret: Major lottery winner; he's worth $156
Reason for being lost: On is way home after
traveling to Oz in an attempt to find out why his
lottery numbers are cursed, or so he believes
Other points of interest: Squeamish at the sight of
blood.  Had just moved back home with his mother
when he won he lottery;
4  8  15  16  23  42
Prior to that he was in a mental facility.  He had
started a romantic reliationhip with tailie, Libby, but
sadly, she was shot and killed by Michael, along
with Ana Lucia.
Jorge Garcia || Hurley
Main || Cast || Recurring characters
Jorge was born in Omaha,
Nebraska, on April 28,
1979.  He's appeared on
stage and made stand-up
comedy appearances, as
well as roles on television
series Spin City and Becker.
He was in the indie films
Happily Ever After and Our
Time Is Up.  He'll also be
seen in the upcoming
releases The Good Humor
Man and Little Athens.
This is the action
figure for Hurley; it's
pretty lifelife!  Can
be ordered by using
the link to the left.