I started this page on March third, 2000, starting building websites using Pagebuilder soon after, and started my
SolitaryPhoenix in April of 2002. There have been over 1,500,000 hits as of the beginning of 2007, and
I'm so grateful to everyone who has come here for that.  There will be stuff on this page about all facets of my
life - my family, interests, beliefs, causes. I'm always updating this page and all my sites,  so please feel free to
wander around my "world", and come back soon ~ there's always going to be something new here!  Domain
announcements are made at the
message board.  My web domain is SolitaryPhoenix, sites are for various
television series, and other media [film, books] in genre entertainment [horror, sci fi and fantasy]
My VIP's:
My daughter, Jasmine
My mother, Lorraine
My father, John and his wife, Barbara
My sister, Debbie, and her children:
Richard Anthony, my first nephew and godchild
Catherine Lorraine, my favorite niece  : )
Timothy Joseph, my second nephew and soul child
Jonathan Douglas, my third nephew, the silver lining
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I do not respond to people who think I don't have a right to present my personal beliefs here.  I owe no one an explanation for the way I feel.  If you don't like it, that's your business, not
mine, and frankly, I don't need to hear it, and don't have time to point out the error of
your ways.  Please do not contact me if all you want to do is tell me I'm wrong, or tell me how I can
be your idea of right. I post my views here for two reasons:
1 - To express myself, and,
2 - To provide a little knowledge for those who are interesting in learning about the same issues I am, NOT to argue. I have much better things to do with my time!
My dog, Max, was killed by a guy on a motorcycle on June 7, 2000.  He got out of the
yard by mistake, since I firmly believe dogs belong in yards and on leashes. I know it
won't do any good, but at least I'll feel a little better venting ~ this man was going
too fast in a residential area; my seventy-five  pound dog was knocked fifty-two feet
onto the other side of the street, right in front of my sister and her 3 young children;
the kids had known Max all or most of their lives.
Read what I'd like to say to this man here.
Max and Catie