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TV series 2004-current

Current cast:
Jason Hawes
Lead Investigator/TAPS
Founder, also Producer
Grant Wilson
Lead Investigator/TAPS
Co-founder, also Producer
Steve Gonsalves
Technical Manager/Evidence
Brian Harnois
Dustin Pari
Dave Tango

Produced by
Pilgrim Films & Television

Produced for
SCI FI Channel

Past cast includes:
Donna LaCroix
Interviewer/Case Manager
Andy Andrews
The tale:
Ghost Hunters is a SCI FI Channel television series focusing on a real-life paranormal research group investigating activity in the US, for the most
part; they have visited the UK.  The format includes the filmed series, as well as an annual Halloween live show.  The investigations are led by
Jason and Grant, who are Roto Rooters plumbers in their 'day' job (although I'm not sure if they actually still need those jobs, given they have their
own show!).  Jason and Grant founded TAPS — The Atlantic Paranormal Society — in about 1992, and the group is based in Warwick, Rhode
Island; most of the cast lives in RI. TAPS is a network of similiar groups, and is considered 'family'. A TAPS investigation on
Ghost Hunters is
basically comprised of several members collecting evidence using scientific equipment like infrared and digital video cameras, thermal camera
devices, EMF Detectors, and digital thermometers, to determine if a location is actually haunted or not.  They do not use mediums, and will discount
any personal experiences they cannot back-up with other evidence.

My review:
To come...

> Steve lives in Massechusetts, not RI, like most of the cast, and is a former police officer
> Tango (Dave Tango) lives in New Jersey.

Official sites:
Official TAPS site ~ this is the site for The Atlantic Paranormal Society
Official Ghost Hunters site ~ this is the SCI FI Channel's site for the show