When Charmed first cast its spell in 1997 and its trio of comely crime fighters were
compared to Charlie’s Angels, Holly Marie Combs was pegged as “the Kate Jackson one.â
€�  In other words, pretty and smart but not as sexy as the other two.  The sight, then, of
Combs topless (covered only by her long locks) in a recent cover of Stuff magazine was quite
the surprise---even to Combs. [
FYI - see pic and article that follows below]
TV Guide celebrated Charmed's
100th episode with a great article,
and covers for each of our fav

Holly Marie
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“There were definitely a couple of wows that came to mind,� says the 29-year-old actress, now sporting a pregnancy pad under
her shirt (her character, Piper, will give birth in February).  â€œThey made some additions to my chest, which was disturbing.  They
gave me Alyssa’s boobs.  I didn’t even have to get a boob job.â€�

Such frankness is pure Combs.  When David E. Kelley told the auditioning actress she didn’t have “a big enough heartâ€� to
play earnest teen Kimberly on his ‘90s drama Picket Fences, she shot back, “If you’re looking for someone with a big heart,
what are you doing in New York?� (She ultimately landed the role.) Likewise, Combs---who lives with boyfriend David Donoho, 37,
formerly a key grip on Charmed---doesn’t have much patience for Hollywood pretension.  She drives a pickup and spends the bulk of
her free time caring for a plethora of pets, including five rabbits, four horses and six dogs.

Well, make that seven.  Though she’s only supposed to be dog-sitting the white shih tzu-poodle mix that’s currently curled on
her lap, she’s already admitting reluctance to return the pooch to her dad.

“My boyfriend would rather I didn’t bring any more animals home,â€� she says. “But I’m like, ‘Aw, come on, honey.  
She only weighs 3 pounds.  She can’t count as a whole dog.’â€�

Sounds like someone used to casting a spell or two.
To see the other pics of Holly at the Stuff site, click here. I'm no fan or advocate of men's magazines -
I'm a very heterosexual woman who loves being female - but I can still appreciate a beautiful woman.  Holly
looks great, and what I've read here only  reinforces why shs's my hero.  :)
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