TV Guide celebrated Charmed's
100th episode with a great article,
and covers for each of our fav

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And why not? Milano had already starred in two hit series before joining Charmed as premonition-prone Phoebe.  As a little girl, she
won over audiences on ABC’s
Who’s the Boss?, then later took up residence on Fox’s Melrose Place. Somewhere in between,
she became a bona fide sex symbol---once even posing for steamy Bikini magazine photos clad only in mud.

These days, everybody wants the dirt on Milano’s fledgling romance with pop star Justin Timberlake, 21.  According to tabloids,
the couple---who met two years ago through mutual friends and reportedly began dating last summer---are headed to the altar.  This
elicits a hearty laugh from Milano, now lounging on the
Charmed set in a silk robe.
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